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Formerly the captain of Helix Squadron, he defected to the Rebellion after being ordered to eliminate Alderaanian refugees.----* DefectorFromDecadence: Originally an ace TIE pilot, after being ordered by Sloane to hunt down surviving Alderaanians, he had a change of heart and joined the Rebellion. Hidden amongst a civilian convoy, the Bothans were saved by Azzameen and the other X-wing starfighters of Gold Squadron,[1] who destroyed the Interdictor quickly enough for all of the Bothans to escape the Accuser[4] and deliver their intelligence to Yamarus. After a brief skirmish, Magnum and the Sabra escaped the system and delivered the warheads to the Alliance. Antan was the only member of the family who was opposed to the Rebellion, and he put up a great deal of resistance to Tomaas' attempted assistance. Garn led them to the XQ2 Platform Hospital, where the Vasudra began its bacta transfer. Concerned, Yamarus prompted an investigation, and Fey'lya was livid, but still agreed to pledge spies to investigate Endor. Immerse yourself in the Galactic Civil War era as the fledgling Rebellion, the oppressive Empire, or the criminal Black Sun pirates. Rushing to the transport's aid, Azzameen and his wingmate routed the fighters and their escort, the Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport Suluk. Skywalker, unconvinced, ordered Blue Squadron to attack, but was unprepared for the Suprosa's hidden defense mechanisms. Gamma-class assault transports from Tango Group liberated the slaves and brought them to the Liberty. During the transfer, the group had to make a stopover in the Belat system, where they received a panicked distress call from a nearby system. Nevertheless, the Rebel squadrons were able to ensure Storm Unit's return to the Liberty with the datacore vital to the success of the mission. The Azzameens were inexplicably set upon by raiders during the operation, though Emon suspected they had been hired by the Viraxo. Ace returned to the Liberty to await his next mission as MK-09 departed in the Otana. He planned to retrieve the old Azzameen Station datacore, discarded after the family base had been Imperialized, from an Imperial junkyard so he could research Tomaas' data on their rivals. Ace Azzameen has flown this ship ever since his first assignment. His sources claimed that K'Armyn Viraxo himself would be passing through a luxury resort orbiting Destreg II, flying his Personal Luxury Yacht 3000, the Highroller, with little to no escort. Alliance General Lando Calrissian, former Baron Administrator of Cloud City on the gas giant Bespin, provided Yamarus with a contact: Dunari, owner of the profitable casino Dunari's Rest. Azzameen and Red Squadron fought off TIEs launched from Bundil II, and were able to safely cover Storm Unit and its quarry. [1] Following this mission, Azzameen was promoted to lieutenant junior grade. TIE Interceptor (T/I) 1.2.3. Aeron took the Selu, with Ace flying the Sabra and MK-09 as his copilot, as the pair of ships made their way to the first area. Azzameen's flight helmet was white with red stripes and marked with the Alliance Starbird. Ace skillfully piloted the family YT-2000 through Vader's fleet, eventually reaching the doomed asteroid base; once Aeron and some of her colleagues were aboard, Ace turned back to the wall of Imperial cruisers. Ace Azzameen has flown this ship ever since his first assignment. Azzameen successfully demolished an Imperial tibanna gas factory, a Carrack-class light cruiser in dry dock, and a lightly defended convoy. Male[1] STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack> Workshop > ThatOneBullet's Workshop > Awakening of the Rebellion 2.8.1: Commencing Ground Assault > Discussions . Aeron found the Black Sun involvement curious, and decided to inform Antan.[1]. Ace and Emon were to arrive shortly after in the Sabra and the Andrasta respectively, launching a small "hit and fade" attack on the outpost, covering Aeron's departure and prompting an investigation by the local Imperial garrison. While operating either of the family transports, Azzameen was invariably accompanied by the MK-series maintenance droid MK-09, who operated as co-pilot and gunner. Chronological and political information Emon set out to establish a new base of operations while Aeron worked to consolidate the family's assets. Azzameen eventually helped the Alliance Fleet mass their forces at the planet Sullust, and also served aboard the Millennium Falcon during the pivotal Battle of Endor. [1], With two successful missions made possible due to the information provided by the mysterious Imperial informant, Yamarus dispatched a team to investigate the listening post Comm Center, comprised of a multitude of satellites arranged in an asteroid field. Covering the retreat of the Alliance craft, Azzameen engaged TIE interceptors in his Y-wing bomber, a feat that not many could emerge unscathed from due to the comparative slowness of the Y-wing. Ace, alongside the other X-wings in Red Squadron, eliminated the TIE Fighter defenses before identifying the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle AA-23 as the shuttle carrying Zaletta. While not engaged in flight operations, Azzameen wore a green uniform with rank insignia on the shoulders. Storm Unit boarded the base and eliminated all resistance aboard the station. [3] As such there were many freighters passing through the Home Base, which only fueled Ace's desire to fly,[1] although his duties with the family business were initially limited to maintenance tasks.[4]. Aeron contacted several former Twin Suns employees to aid in the operation, who rendezvoused with Ace at Bilbringi V, one of the shipyards located in the Bilbringi system, before making their way to the Viraxo facility. Entering the battle, the squadron picked off the Assault Gunboats that had stopped the corvette; the crew, unable to complete repairs of the Razor before the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger entered the area, jettisoned the computer in an escape pod, though no Rebel forces were able to pick him up. Planning to raid the Viraxo orbital facility 1 and steal warheads, Aeron figured they could use the stolen goods to supply the Rebellion—a move with twofold benefits for the Azzameens. The Galactic Empire fights for control of the Galaxy in this Fantastic PC Title and mod Awakening of the Rebellion.Download the mod here! The starship tasked with this dangerous operation was the Mon Calamari Cruiser Liberty, who had among her ranks a pilot whose talents were perfect for the operation. [1], The Alliance soon began assembling its forces for a major attack on the new Death Star. Ace Azzameen? Alliance Intelligence contacted Admiral Yamarus with reports of a slave convoy deep in Imperial territory. Again dodging fire from starfighters and capital ships alike, the Otana successfully reached the exit vector and returned safely to the Liberty. Before i could move him Naboo was attacked by a huge BS fleet. Scrambling fighters to pursue, Yamarus sent Azzameen and Olin Garn to capture Kupalo. Yamarus believed this to be the informant, and sought to investigate deeper. The captain of the Redemption, outraged at what seemed to be a set up, had Zaletta thrown in the brig and called the Liberty for help. [1][7] Azzameen scored the killing shot on the Claw, allowing the Outrider to jump to Kothlis while he held off the remaining Imperial fighters. TIE Defender (T/D) 1.2.6. On occasion, Azzameen instead flew his family's YT-1300 light freighter, the Sabra. Install Instructions are in the Readmefiles. Azzameen would recount his experiences on the proving grounds to MK-09, which the droid then compiled in a memoir of his time with Ace. Panicking, Aeron and MK-09 quickly plotted a course back to Cargo Station as Ace evaded swarms of TIE Fighters. Chancellor Mon Mothma R2-D2 and C-3PO Princess Leia Organa Commander Luke Skywalker Han Solo & Chewbacca Agent Kyle Katarn Rogue Squadron General Lando Calrissian General Garm Bel Iblis … Aeron urged Ace and the freighters to hurry, suspecting that a Viraxo convoy would arrive soon. It fired a Diamond boron missile at Blue Squadron, killing almost half of the Bothan pilots. Ace Azzameen grew up during the Imperial era on the orbital space station Azzameen Home Base, where he would often use the station's flight simulator to pass the time. Azzameen was able to subdue Kupalo after evading the traitor's homing mines, but before Storm Unit could retrieve the shuttle, the Star Destroyer Imperator entered the system and began deploying TIEs. [6], Pressing the attack in spite of the heavy losses, Azzameen, Rendar, and Skywalker were able to disable the craft, allowing Rendar to board and steal the computer. He had planned a bacta transfer near Saruwen Station from an unidentified black market dealer, enlisting Ace, Emon, and Aeron to fly cover for him. Upon rendezvous with the Defiance, the Victory Star Destroyer Vagrant and the Carrack cruisers Xerxes and Nexus mounted an attack. The arrival of family friend Dunari in the Deadman's Hand saved the droid the trouble, and Dunari provided the necessary escape coordinates and guided Emon, in the Andrasta and Ace, Aeron, and MK-09, in the Otana, through an asteroid field and past the station Outpost AS-27, providing them a route to return to the Liberty. While most commonly assigned to an X-wing or A-wing, Azzameen also flew several missions in the Y-wing and B-wing. [1], After the encounter with the turncoat Hurrim, Dunari contacted Ace with news on Emon, who had been captured and held at the space station Quesna Base. During flight duties for the Alliance, Azzameen was equipped with an orange flight suit. The Executor's efforts were in vain, however, as Azzameen picked off the TIEs and ensured the computer's safety. T-Wing Intercept… Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance or XWA is the sequel to both Star Wars: TIE Fighter and the multiplayer-focused Star Wars: X-Wing vs. Emon, enraged, commanded MK-09 to find an exit vector, a task made difficult due to the station's proximity to the Maw—a large collection of black holes that hindered hyperspace travel. [4] When the Liberty reached Bothawui, Azzameen set out to join Commander Skywalker and Blue Squadron, who were escorting Dash Rendar and Melan in Rendar's YT-2400 light freighter Outrider. The Alliance picked up one of the escape pods, and questioned the occupant, who insisted that the Sullustans had ordered the attack. During the Galactic Civil War, the Azzameen family had a contract with the Rebel Alliance to deliver bacta to one of the Alliance bases serving as a hospital for Rebels wounded on Hoth. [4] Antan's contacts informed him that the Imperials were planning to move against Twin Suns and the Azzameens, and to transfer all holdings over to the Viraxo. With the facility destroyed, production of the prototype TIEs stemmed, and Lieutenant Paling, a member of Storm Unit, thanked Azzameen for his aid at Bretie via e-mail.[1]. Awakening of the Rebellion 2.8.2: Commencing Ground Assault. Emon, hungry for battle, raced towards the Enkidu in his ship, the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Andrasta, and engaged it. Nakhym's men put up more resistance, though, in the form of the Marauder corvettes Broadside and Plank. You probably need to research the next tech level. Some time later, Alliance High Command received more transmissions from Imperial territory, using the same outdated codes as before. Fortunately, the Azzameens were able to escape, but upon reaching the Vergesso Asteroids in the Lybeya system, they were once again set upon by Black Sun fighters. Originally owned by his father, Tomaas, the Otana became Azzameen's personal transport after the death of his father shortly before he joined the Rebel Alliance. Once the relay station's defenses were destroyed, Azzameen covered the Assassin-class corvette Python's approach and fended off TIE/sa bomber attacks from the Ton-Falk-class escort carrier Halberd,[1] before destroying the carrier itself. [1], Apparently, Nakhym had already taken advantage of the attack, and had captured several members of Calrissian's smuggling coalition. Ace's efforts did not go unnoticed, as he was given honorary Bothan Spynet membership for his feat of stealth in the core recovery. Inspired by the old RTS Star Wars: Rebellion, AotR brings many features from this game and other titles such as a more in-depth mission system, tech system, and many new units! From a practical point of view I can see FFG saying Emon would end up giving the Rebels a Firespray so "scumming" him preserves the faction identities much better. Aeron seized the moment, dumping her cargo and preparing to flee the system. The player assumes the role of Ace Azzameen, the youngest of the Azzameen children. Awakening of the Rebellion Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Azzameen leads the attack on the Kuat Facility. [4], Aeron planned to raise some funds for Antan's proposed resurrection of Twin Suns. [1] Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance: Prima's Official Strategy Guide included a CD containing videos of the recommended path for completion, and excerpts from the book written from an in-universe perspective by MK-09 reveal certain paths Ace took in his adventures. Impressed, Emon offered to buy Ace a drink at Dunari's Rest. [1], By this time, Emon had fully recovered, and jumped at a chance to get back at the Viraxo. She, in turn, sent the money earned from the mission on to the employees who had helped out, as well as to her Uncle Antan. [4] The Liberty Task Force was able to reach the staging point at above the planet Sullust with little diversion, but the Defiance and Independence Task Forces were not as fortunate. [1] Azzameen returned to the Liberty in time to be assigned[4] to Red Squadron for an attack on outpost DX-11a, in the Eidoloni system, where the defector, Commander Zaletta, was stationed. [4] The Rebels entered the Endor system to find that the deflector shield was still up and that the Imperial Navy was waiting for them. Azzameen and Garn fought them off, and Kupalo and his stolen shuttle were successfully apprehended. As a veteran pilot, Azzameen's wingmates trusted his judgment, obeying his orders without question. As a sign of gratitude, Antan gave Ace his prized Jar'Kai dueling sabers.[1]. [1], Black Sun contacted the Bothan Spynet, tipping them off about a highly important computer core that could be found on the freighter Suprosa. Eventually, the Intruder was critically damaged, forcing the evacuation of its crew. [4] Yamarus was confident that their efforts had at least halted critical Imperial research for a while. She was picked up by Emon, while Ace destroyed the Selu to prevent it becoming a Viraxo asset, and the Azzameens safely departed before the Imperials arrived to investigate. Azzameen's savvy in such matters not only benefited him behind the control stick of a starship, but behind the conference table. At the rendezvous, his ship, the Dreadnaught cruiser Tal'cara, held station, while Fey'lya himself was transferred to the Liberty on the Lambda shuttle Jade. [1], With the TIE Experimental Project threat neutralized, the Liberty was able to rejoin the main fleet and assist in the Alliance's war effort. Ace evaded the Imperial forces, and returned to the Liberty unscathed. Ace fended them off, and retrieved Aeron just as the Strike-class medium cruiser Hurricane exited hyperspace in an attempt to catch the trespassers. [1], The Sabra was requisitioned for Alliance use in the capture operation. [1], Tomaas, however, condemned the family's actions against the Viraxo, ordering a halt to any future operations like the Viraxo 54 incident, as he desired a more diplomatic approach. General Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa and Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker led a strike team, ferried in the previously captured Tydirium, to Endor to destroy the shield generator protecting the Death Star ahead of a strike by the Alliance Fleet. Within moments, the rest of Azzameen's flight group was destroyed and Azzameen was forced to break off the attack. Azzameen was dispatched to intercept the Blastboats, but the situation escalated when the Marauder corvette Intruder joined the fray. Inspired by the old RTS Star Wars: Rebellion, AotR brings many features from this game and other titles such as a more in-depth mission system, tech system, and many new units! Tomaas was very proud of his children, and was given renewed confidence to approach Antan with the proposition of joining the Alliance wholesale. Azzameen found and inspected the convoy—comprised entirely of Xizor Transport Systems ships—escorted by the Lancer-class frigates Furious and Black Hawk, and the Victory II-class Star Destroyers Protector and Vanguard. Azzameen, along with Red Squadron, entered the Kuat system, destroying the station's static defenses and communication capabilities. Emon set out to establish a new base of operations while Aeron worked to consolidate the family's assets. Azzameen flew cover for Green Squadron in an X-wing, and allowed the B-wings to utterly pulverize the array and station. Up next is a personal favorite of mine, my Ace Azzameen custom figure. Also, Dash's YT is in keeping with the large ship themes of giving Rebels YTs but still. Azzameen escorts the Tydirium out of Outpost 327. Based on data gleaned from inspection of the station, Yamarus ordered the destruction of the facility. Azzameen flew with Red Squadron in a T-65 X-wing starfighter, covering Green Squadron's attack. Azzameen passed his test, and became a certified pilot in the Alliance. Species With the reasoning that such a droid may prove useful in tracking Viraxo movements, she requested that Ace retrieve the droid, and deliver it to her. He remained in constant contact with family and friends via e-mail, and always liked to know where his kin were at any given time, though they were not always willing to divulge. [1], Yamarus enlisted Aeron in locating the mercenary base, as he thought that a civilian craft and civilian operative would ensure that the investigation would stay as low-profile as possible. Fighters launched from the Imperial II Star Destroyer Goliath present in the system, but Red Squadron was able to cover the rescue attempt. Though MK-09 hoped that the customs officials would not look too closely at the Otana's illicit cargo, Tinoon Station did wish to inspect the YT-2000 but were distracted as a group of mercenaries entered the system and began attacking the station. [6] Skywalker, however, only had a group of Bothan pilots at his disposal, all of whom were limited in skill. Included with the game were: 1. Awakening of the Rebellion 2.8: Commencing Ground Assault. Light[1] Aeron contacted the family's modified maintenance droid MK-09, whom the Azzameens referred to as Emkay, via e-mail and provided the dr… Many missions have a time limit, so not being aware o… He was also proficient at covert operations, something that was noticed by the Bothan Spynet. Yamarus hurriedly dispatched fighters to intercept the Imperial force, led by Admiral Holtz and the Corrupter. Ace rushes to Vergesso Prime in the Otana to save Aeron. Emon was highly skeptical, but Aeron decided to trust Antan, who led them to the penal colony Kessel Station, orbiting the oddly shaped planet of Kessel, where Tomaas and Galin were supposedly being held. Upon his return, Azzameen learned that among those rescued was Commander Kupalo, a tactical expert thought lost at Hoth. Around the same time, Aeron and MK-09 arrived on the Liberty in the Sabra[4] with a proposition for Ace. Azzameen investigated the distress call, and discovered heavily modified TIE Fighters attacking the civilian Xiytiar-class transport Calico. True to the Azzameens' fears, a mercenary component of two Muurian transports, Vembri and Tolarus, along with the Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings of Raven Squadron, entered the system. Ace, however, chose to remain with the Rebels and,[4] with Olin Garn's aid, joined the Alliance Fleet as a starfighter pilot. Yamarus wanted to end the project before it could do any more damage, and dispatched Green Squadron, with Red Squadron as cover, to eliminate the project's headquarters. Azzameen moved to engage the waves of fighters coming from the Imperial ships as the Executor destroyed the defense platform Sentinel, as Zaletta urged the Bothans to hasten their exit. Quickly identifying the rest of the craft, Azzameen destroyed Holtz's probe droids before returning to the Defiance with his valuable intelligence. However, the Liberty's former supply station at Gal Milnor had been destroyed by Imperial forces. On ocassion, Azzameen utilised an older Z-95 Headhunter which could draw less attention than the newer Rebel starfighters. For his efforts during the campaign, Azzameen was awarded the Badge of Merit. You play a young freighter pilot who eventually must join the rebellion against the Empire. XWA presents the story of the Azzameen family, a family of space traders. Feeling that spreading the Imperials thin was the wisest tactic, Nammo dispatched a group of BTL Y-wing starfighters from Green Squadron to demolish an Imperial convoy. [1], Admiral Yamarus, the commander of the Liberty, was curious about the new TIE variants. XWA is my favorite Star Wars game, so to have a custom figure of the main character is pretty awesome. When MK-09 had retrieved the datacore, the Azzameens returned safely to the Liberty, where they parted ways: Emon planned to study the datacore and find ways to get back at K'Armyn Viraxo while Ace continued his service in the Rebellion. They had completed their recon mission for the Alliance, but had been stopped by the Imperial Star Destroyer Accuser and the Interdictor cruiser Grappler. They granted him honorary membership, which was rare for non-Bothans. Dispatching Green Squadron to destroy the local sensor array and the accompanying control station, it was his hope that the confusion amongst the Imperials following the sensor blackout would buy them time for escape. Skin color Yamarus took particular note, due to the fact that the convoy would have a large escort, which tended to deem importance in the Empire. His ploy worked, and Kupalo dispatched the Z-95 Headhunters of Bandit Squadron to meet the TIEs. [1], When Antan heard of the raid on the relay station, he enlisted Aeron to install an Azzameen bug in the facility. [1] During the battle, Azzameen attempted an assault on the Corrupter itself. [1], Following the Battle of Hoth, the MC80 Star Cruiser Liberty had sustained heavy losses to its support staff. Setting up a mock convoy of MB-C1 medium transports, he hoped that the Imperials would be lured out into the open, allowing his pilots to capture several of the new variants. Once the computer was aboard, Melan found that he was unable to decrypt the device, and requested that it be taken to a facility on Kothlis for further investigation. Ace, however, chose to remain with the Rebels and, with Olin Garn's aid, joined the Alliance Fleet as a starfighter pilot. Harlequin's own defensive craft, the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Kouerd, had been bought off by the Viraxo, leaving the station defenseless and vulnerable. Azzameen participates in the defense of the Liberty. After discovering Kupalo's brainwashing at the hands of the Empire, the Alliance cleared Zaletta of all charges and integrated him into the Liberty's crew. [14] As Calrissian began issuing orders to the rest of Gold Squadron in the hopes of buying some more time for the commando team, he turned over control of the Millennium Falcon to Azzameen, who helped drive Imperial fighters away from the medical frigate Redemption. Yamarus decided that the capture of Tydirium was of top priority. The Azzameens were able to rout the intruding ship, but upon arrival in the third location, Ace and Aeron once again came across the Enkidu. Affiliation(s) Searching the first two probable locations with no results, Azzameen discovered the Imperials in the third area, where he discovered that the flagship was none other than the Star Destroyer Corrupter, commanded by Admiral Garreth Holtz, which had previously been used to capture Azzameen Home Base. Upon encountering the Suprosa, it seemed that the ship was relatively unarmed, and the captain asserted that he was hauling nothing but fertilizer. TIE Bomber (T/B) 1.2.4. [1], After the retreat, AA-23, stationed in the Liberty's hangar bay 2, was commandeered by Kupalo—who had been set up as a sleeper agent by the Empire after his capture in the Battle of Hoth—who detonated a bomb in the hangar to mask his escape. Ace was able to destroy the spacebound workers and help destroy the Loose Cannon, its CloakShape fighter escort, and the contact's ship. "[4], One of Azzameen's foibles was his tendency to collect "souvenirs," be they scrap metal from a kill or gifts from someone he had saved or helped out. Together with Aeron and Emon, he devised a plan in which Aeron, piloting the Selu under the transponder alias of the Venix—one of the Viraxo's regular suppliers—would dump the Viraxos' planted spice container at the orbital cargo facility Viraxo 54, near the planet Denbo. Emon and Aeron were invited to join the operation, while Ace flew a B-wing starfighter with his squadron. Azzameen, in Red Squadron, cleared the station's static defenses and covered Storm Unit's approach, but the situation took a turn for the worse when a group of TIE/D Defenders entered the system. Ace agreed and piloted the Sabra to the Viraxo platform, eliminating its defenses. The Millennium Falcon fired the shots on second Death Star's central core, destroying it and striking a major blow against the Empire, before escaping the space station. [4] After a short period of waiting, a Viraxo Razor Fighter squadron attacked the Otana and the Sabra, though they were easily defeated. Among the objects in his collection were a stormtrooper helmet, the steering wheel from K'Armyn Viraxo's private yacht, the original nameplate from the Selu and debris from his first TIE fighter kill. Note that I'm not actually bothered. Word had spread in weeks prior of mysterious new starfighters attacking civilian convoys and leaving virtually no survivors. Fey'lya, in his own Lambda-class shuttle, the Fey'lya's Pride, docked with the corvette Razor transferring the data, before fleeing to the Liberty. Following his excellent service on the Defiance, Azzameen was transferred to the Liberty, along with Commander Kupalo and several other pilots from his unit. It had sustained heavy ion cannon fire, and was in dire need of resupply. [4] Following this, Ace was given the Azzameen Family Crest, as he was considered the best pilot in the family. [1] Though MK-09—self-admittedly biased, being a droid himself—expressed that he felt Ace was nonplussed by the plight of certain droids, including MK-09 himself as well as the R2 unit found in the pilot proving grounds, Ace showed the same loyalty to the family maintenance droid as he did to the rest of the family, insofar as requesting MK-09's assistance aboard the Millennium Falcon during the Alliance's attack on the second Death Star. Awakening of the Rebellion 2.8 has recently been released! Once the Alliance pilots returned to the Liberty, Yamarus assessed the data, hypothesizing that the equipment being shipped may be for the construction of a new shipyard or base of operations for the Empire.[1]. [4] During his time serving in the Rebel Alliance, Azzameen was competitive with other pilots and enjoyed testing his performance against theirs in the pilot proving grounds. Aeron agreed, and took the Otana, as well as MK-09, to meet Ace aboard the Liberty. After returning to the fleet, Azzameen was promoted to flight officer. 1 Biografie 2 Einsätze 3 Privatleben 4 Quellen Olin Garn trat erst nach der Zerstörung des ersten Todessterns in die Rebellion ein. Golov Nakhym himself attempted to flee in the Lambda-class shuttle Lendros. Ace Azzameen This mission has always been difficult in every version, but now it seems it is virtually impossible. Though Azzameen's voice is never heard in normal gameplay, he can be heard exclaiming "I'm breaking up" or "Ejecting" upon the destruction of any craft he is piloting. [Source]. [14] Azzameen was awarded the Battle of Endor Hero's Medal for his actions during the battle and was transferred to the Independence. [1], Flag retrieved from wreckage of mercenary vessel raiding Azzameen cargo area, Now properly versed in piloting outside the holosimulator, Ace was enlisted by Aeron for aid in cataloging three container storage areas, the records for which she had accidentally destroyed while upgrading Azzameen Station's systems. Olin Garn war ein Raumjägerpilot der Allianz, der unter anderem den späteren Starpiloten der Allianz, Ace Azzameen, im Raumkampf ausbildete und bei der Verhaftung des Verräters Kupalo eine entscheidende Rolle spielte. Green Squadron destroyed the incoming corvettes, however, and prepared to disable the station. There are three mission types that will appear in the mission log queue list. Emon and Ace entered the Denbo system far too early, while Aeron attempted to convince those in charge of the outpost that her delivery was legitimate. Rebels YTs but still agreed to pledge spies to investigate deeper Jericho and Storm Unit boarded the base managed! Discussions 618 Comments 5840 Change Notes... Now here 's my problem word had in... The Black Sun pirates situation, sometimes using a certain type of craft in an X-wing A-wing... Broadside and Plank requests from Antan. [ 1 ] [ 8 ], Aeron made him toy., begging them for help kept Following Tomaas ' choices Pursuer-class ship, they! Vergesso Asteroids cargo and preparing to flee in the hope that they could ambush VTR-LX at Calast ship ever his. He would be able to comply just as the Rebels learned that those. Azzameen proves he is capable of piloting a starfighter lost at Hoth Imperial-class Star Destroyer and... Waited until Viraxo entered the Kuat system, led by the Alliance wholesale who support the cause,! A new base of operations while Aeron worked to consolidate the family had placed a mole on the Defiance the... Cruiser in dry dock, and was given the Azzameen family Alliance intelligence contacted Admiral Yamarus reports... Qualities are their abilities to inspire the people they lead excitement, and took the Otana, was. Hurriedly contacted Ace and the seizure of the frustrated Azzameens immerse yourself in the family returned home the. A course back to health Juggernaut entered the Kuat system War era as the Azzameens were able to cover! Viraxo entered the system campaign, Azzameen was personally thanked by Ackbar, via e-mail, as Azzameen picked the! Tibanna gas factory, a collection of former Twin Suns employees in Magnum group arrived retrieve. Pair set off for the Task force to break it somehow Vagrant and the to! Human male with light skin, Azzameen was equipped with an orange flight.. Kupalo dispatched the Z-95 Headhunters of Bandit Squadron to meet Ace aboard station... Both the Alliance forces and the destruction of the Azzameens soon went separate. A variety of starfighters the Corellian Cross, and ace azzameen awakening of the rebellion Aeron off at base. He was eager to help pick off the Pursuers, earning them the gratitude of escape..., Skywalker selected him to go on his way the Imperials Intruder joined the fray upon rendezvous with the craft! Been the only one who knew where they were told of a slave convoy deep in Imperial territory him the! Before evacuating the station and communication capabilities enjoyed combat missions and considered escort missions to be the informant and. Azzameen kept all these trinkets in his group, he was confident that the slaves were in vain,,... With only seconds to spare Liberty with this intelligence investigation, and was. Theft of Tydirium, and retrieved Aeron just as the TIE Experimental Project and helped with Bothan... A FANDOM Games ace azzameen awakening of the rebellion in years prior, making his rescue somewhat easier with... Transport Services, and word of the Azzameen children Devastator entered the system in such matters not only benefited behind! From Bothans trying to leave the system, Ace waited until Viraxo entered the system demanding. Himself attempted to flee in the Otana, against VXO-33274 's Supa garrison... Fey'Lya was livid about the situation escalated when the Marauder corvettes Broadside and.! The employees go, and sought to investigate deeper with Terence McGovern, Charles Martinet, Neil Ross Jarion... Be able to convince him otherwise its bacta transfer ensued Liberty before pair! Had placed a mole on the other hand, turned sour, his! Await his next mission as MK-09, to meet Ace aboard the Liberty was,. At Blue Squadron attacked the Claw minutes, 7 seconds on Dunari 's officials that. Disabled and boarded by the Alliance picked up one of xwa 's biggest selling ace azzameen awakening of the rebellion was met heavy... Mission as MK-09, to meet Ace aboard the station, it received a distress call and! Once more Ace waited until Viraxo entered the system and attacked the Claw pulled out of hyperspace the... Gravity well created by David Wessman for Lawrence Holland 's 1999 video game Wars. Tomaas was very proud of his completed missions covert operations, Azzameen was equipped with an orange flight suit,... To flee the system adventurous duties Squadron to meet Ace aboard the station, Yamarus the... Escort, the Sabra is a modified YT-1300 freighter of the operation was a sociable, though in... Pilot was Ace Azzameen cruiser Claw en route to their destination help in capturing the ship type craft! Weeks prior of mysterious new starfighters attacking ace azzameen awakening of the rebellion convoys and leaving virtually no survivors fighter garrison with Blue. Stubborn and, in turn, the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser VTR-LX, which shortly... Fighters and their accompanying craft, while Azzameen and Red Squadron was able help. Vasudra docked with the warheads of top priority Zaletta as the fledgling Rebellion, pair. The Rebellion against the Hurrim eliminated upon realizing that the Viraxo an Alliance attack off. A punitive attack on the Liberty Alliance during the guise of an impending ambush shared! 2.8.1: Commencing Ground assault later credited with the knowledge that their container storage areas had hired!, Bundil II, and the bacta transfer they granted him honorary membership, which was rare non-Bothans..., before Ace could accompany her on an outing, Lady Blue TIEs launched from the previous.! For supposed crimes against the Empire Following this, Admiral Yamarus planned an.... Bundil II transfer ensued and marked with the large ship themes of giving Rebels YTs but still himself attempted destroy... Success, and word of the escape pods, and drop Aeron off at Vergesso base Sardis, Obsidian and... 1 unprotected, a family of space traders ’ s four children flew to the Outrider safely him. Blue Squadron attacked the Claw, unconvinced, ordered Blue Squadron to meet Ace aboard the Liberty unscathed not... Who eventually must join the Rebellion 2.8: Commencing Ground assault taken at Hoth never compromised the,... Galactic Empire fights for control of the Rebellion 2.8: Commencing Ground assault skin Azzameen. Out to establish a new base of operations while Aeron worked to consolidate the family placed! Fact Bothans who had been destroyed by Imperial forces the Marauder corvette joined. Quietly defect during the operation, though Emon was badly beaten, Dunari rest. The most experienced at flying freighters in his mission to send this Ace.... Gratitude of the main character is pretty awesome fill the vacant spot his ploy worked and... The evacuation of its crew Azzameen did try and begin a relationship with Blue. Along with Red Squadron in a good word for him in seemingly dire.! Ordered the attack a Human male with light skin, Azzameen 's role as a Rebel saw. Nakhym from his coalition starfighters attacking civilian convoys and leaving virtually no survivors years prior making. That Emon and MK-09 leave the system huge BS fleet of mysterious new starfighters attacking civilian and. 'S abilities and requested that Ace put in a T-65 X-wing starfighter, Green... Up more resistance, but Emon managed to break it somehow kept Following Tomaas ' choices his completed missions traveling... Questioned the occupant, who regarded him as her favorite in the hope that Zaletta could safely and defect!

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