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Smashing Time. From the moment Smashing Time starts, with the shrill blast of the film's theme song and a series of disturbingly stylized illustrated title cards, you know you're in for a very odd time, and that's exactly what you're getting for the next 96 minutes, as small-town Yvonne (Lynn Redgrave) and Brenda (Rita Tushingham) seek their future in big-city London in the swinging ‘60s. And how much better it looks after rebuilding! The railway is the North London Line and Paul Canty advises that this is taken from Hawley Street looking towards Hawley Road and Leybourne Road in London NW1, the same area where 'The Tall Guy' and 'It Always Rains on Sunday' were shot while Tris points out that the building at left is the, now, former Stag's Head public house. However, the area was redeveloped and this section of road now forms part of Hawtrey Road. Due to track alterations, sale of railway land and new buildings it's not possible to get the right shot. The buildings on the right still stand. This scene is the stand-out eye-popper, with beautiful colour footage of Carnaby Street’s boutiques on a busy day, Yvonne swinging her handbag as she strides mannishly past such shops as ‘Domino Male’, ‘Tre Camp’ ‘Clothes for Him’, the pavement awash with Dolly Birds and Dandy Dans in their stunning technicolour threads. The junction of Southampton Road, Fleet Road, Mansfield Road and Lismore Road in London NW3. by. Make a note in your diary or organiser for Sunday 14th June 2020 at 10pm. Southampton Road, NW5, becomes Agincourt Road, NW3 running up towards Hampstead. Visit a T-Mobile store near you to get the best deals on phones, accessories, and data plans. The cab draws up outside Bobby's apartment block. Two thieves were unknowingly filmed failing to tow a motorcycle with their car before reversing into the very vehicle they were trying to steal in Logan, south of Brisbane, at 4am on December 10. The girls finally get to the drunks destination but he misunderstood and thought that they had asked for 'Camden Street'. The girls need a place to live and Brenda needs new clothes. Unidentified location. Kings Road near the junction with Cheltenham Terrace SW3. This is, again roughly, what one would see now. If you’re planning a location trip and you want to find a hotel, click here to compare prices – just enter your destination and travel dates, and let the search engine find the best deal for you. Guests arrive to Yvonne's party in the Revolving Restaurant' at the top of the Post Office Tower. The journey continues past the corner of Chalk Farm Road and Hawley Street in NW1. Smashing Time is a 1967 British colour comedy film starring Rita Tushingham and Lynn Redgrave.It is a satire on the 1960s media-influenced phenomenon of Swinging London.It was written by George Melly and directed by Desmond Davis.The supporting cast includes Ian Carmichael, Michael York, Jeremy Lloyd, Anna Quayle, Irene Handl, Arthur Mullard and Geoffrey Hughes Społeczność miłośników kina — Tim is staying with misanthropic playwright Harry ( Tom Hollander) in northwest London, tucked away behind impenetrable hedge bushes at 59 Brondesbury Road, Queen’s Park, NW6 . Meanwhile, back at St Pancras station, Brenda stands in the entrance looking out onto Euston Road, London N1. The film's second mistake is to prolong the joke for 96 minutes. original soundtrack recording. The block to the right is newer looking and replaced the smaller house seen in 053. This now just missed the tower! Brenda and Yvonne outside St Pancras station in London NW1. Lismore Road, London NW5 once again. Smashing Time Desmond Davis (1967) 96min. Hard to credit it now, but back then, jazz was well on its way to becoming the most popular music in the world. Yup, there they are. Film; Smashing Time. Brenda waits for Yvonne outside Harry's cafe. Location(s): London. . With Talking Pictures screening it soon it seems a good time for The Scenester to look back at Smashing Time, courtesy of a past NFT screening. The Regents Canal near Camley Street NW1. The film is shot entirely on location in London, and anyone who wants to see how little traffic there was in those days, and how fewer people crowded the streets, will receive something of an education in 'change'. (RL), Camley Street, London NW1. PowerNet recorded outages in more than 40 locations including Waihola Edendale, Wyndham, Pukerau, Clinton, Middlemarch, Ngapuna, Papatowai, Conical Hill and Waipahi, many of which were caused by severe weather conditions and trees over power lines. Yvonne returns to find Brenda. See all T-Mobile store locations. Site footer. Details: 1967, UK, Cert PG, 96 mins. SW3 again looking south west along Kings Road. Bobby Mome-Rath (Ian Carmichael) escorts Yvonne back to his apartment. Production Company: Partisan Productions, Selmur Productions, Stars: Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave, Michael York, Anna Quayle, Irene Handl, Ian Carmichael Peter took this from the wrong side of the street as road works got in the way of the correct angle. SJ. . Places The pair talk about their misfortunes in swinging London. smashing times. Another shot of the estate. Kings Road SW3 with the trees of Markham Square in the left centre background. Yvonne’s ruinously expensive party at the PO Tower is attended by the cognoscenti, a dippy John & Yoko-like couple, a small spaced-out Twiggy clone, several gangsters, a Botticelli cherub-haired DJ and many others, who all end up splattered against the walls of the revolving restaurant as it gathers momentum, being put into overdrive by Brenda as revenge on Wabe for making fun of her friend’s fashion sense. Fortnite smashing vases locations. My good lady and I spotted a few faces from the Mod scene in the audience, but if you couldn’t make it back then, fear not. Loz Park notes the caff and a newsagent with attractive art nouveau corners to the windows. After a brief episode working in a Bunny-style club, with Brenda saving Yvonne from the amorous advances of ageing lecher Bobby Mome-Roth, (Ian Carmichael, suitably caddish), the girls find their luck changes, and they win £10,000 in a Candid Camera-type TV show. Tris advises that this is Buck Street in Camden Town NW1. The round pillar was hiding! Date: 1967. See Bacton Tower in the background, which had just been built to be captured in other scenes. Directed by Desmond Davis. In it, two girls come to London to seek their fortunes -- and things don't quite go their way. The junction in the background, as seen in above shots, with Palgrave House, NW3, towering above in both then and now. St. Pancras station in N1! This is now the entrance to the Renaissance Hotel at St. Pancras. This is the rear of Waxham House and its front is glimpsed in Notes on a Scandal. The pulpit is destroyed. Tom Wabe at work. Paul Canty advises that this is looking north up Fleet Road NW3 with Siddons House in the background. Stars: Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave, Michael York, Anna Quayle, Irene Handl, Ian Carmichael. . But here, begrimed with eighty years of soot, and in disrepair, to Camden Town, the result of asking a drunken gentleman of the road the way to that more fashionable street in W1, all the way to that dreamy thoroughfare of fashion, to the more upmarket of West London’s boutiques, fashion shoots and Yvonne’s thwarted pop career, then the long walk back to St Pancras and home. If you enjoy Modculture, please help to keep the site online with a one-off or regular donation. Watch it, record it, savour it. Only thing in common is the white-faced Bacton Tower on Lismore Circus. Recording a brilliant spoof of a pop single (I don’t know a thing but I’m young, BA BA BA BAH!) Smashing Time Desmond Davis (1967) 96min. Jago is a London historian who has an extremely popular YouTube channel with many thousands of subscribers. I think the block to the right matches. As part of the television show, Yvonne is given a cheque for £10,000. . Is/Was that the Duke of Cornwall pub to the right? The trip from St Pancras to Carnaby street is illustrated by a montage of scenes starting at St Pancras station seen from from Euston Road. You just need to smash one vase (at least we did). Replacing Ray Glenisters Google View. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Confirmed to be Kilburn High Road as it crosses the West Coast Main Line by Kilburn Bridge. (RL). The Mansfield Hotel public house has also long since disappeared. Can't be done now, not on 4 wheels, as Belsize Terrace's been blocked off. causing the steamroller to head for the vicars street pulpit. The same corner was seen in 'The Monster of Highgate Ponds'. One of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? A short ‘home movie’ followed, showing a scene being filmed, with Yvonne defacing a poster bearing her friend Brenda’s sophisticated look for ‘Gauche’ perfume, and this provided the evening’s only sad moment. Lismore Road NW5. Lismore Road again. The girls make their way home after Brenda rescues Yvonne from the approaches of Bobby. The best Mexican food is so close, you can taste it. SJ. The girls emerge from St Pancras station. Yvonne dances towards Carnaby Street. Copies are available at Amazon on DVD and Blu-ray, but due to a lack of a UK release (no idea why) the copies tend to be Region 1 and as such, might not play on many DVD and Blu-ray players. Soon enough, new fighters began arriving from all worlds and one person is using this to their advantage. Other views of the station also appear in ‘Wings of Mystery’, ‘The Servant’, ‘The Ladykillers’, ‘Shirley Valentine’, ‘The Fourth Protocol’, ‘McVicar’, ‘The Comedy Man’, ‘‘Mona Lisa’, ‘A Cry from the Streets’, ‘The Painted Smile’, ‘Voyage of the Damned’, ‘Nuns on the Run’ and ‘Simon and Laura’. Charlotte Street, London W1. Youths have been caught smashing windows at a Swansea school. SJ. Found by Paul Canty who notes that the building on the left is now a Costa Coffee. Was lovely inside though. Through morning streets, Brenda and Yvonne continue their wander. Flask Walk NW3 found by Paul Canty. First, you have to find the vases. Two young women arrive in London to make it big in show business, and become corrupted by money and fame in the process. (PW). . Yvonne walks behind a model whilst she is being photographed. john addison. Southampton Road runs to the left. Become one of them HERE. In the background stands the Post Office Tower (in those days) now called the BT Tower. SJ. Unidentified location. A vicar (Cardew Robinson) preaches in the street outside 'Sweenie Todds' during a slapstick pie fight inside. This #FitnessFriday, I encourage you guys to set your bar. All on America’s fastest growing 4G LTE network. Open for comments. The signs still look the same on the wall. Production Company: Partisan Productions, Selmur Productions. What made this particular evening under Waterloo Bridge extra special was the presence of Rita Tushingham, who bounded up to the mic like a teenager, talked animatedly about the film and her co-stars and took questions from many audience members. Clarence Terrace on the west side of Regent's Park. Synopsis: Two young women arrive in London to make it big in show business, and become … Date: 1967 This time of fashion conscious women, some of whom stare at Brenda and Yvonne. Showing off her new clothes, Brenda is reflected in a car's wing mirror. . Lisa Watson advises that this is Weymouth Street in Marylebone W1. Smashing Time is a film directed by Desmond Davis with Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave, Michael York, Anna Quayle, Irene Handl .... Year: 1967. David O'Connor advises that this is Lismore Circus from the end of Lismore Road. Two exotics played to the max by Murray Melvin and Paul Danquah, make a surprisingly frank appearance, wearing their homosexuality on their pristine sleeves. Yvonne sees an advertisement for a flat on the films 'Grudge Street'. SJ, Grand Union Towpath with York Way bridge behind the camera. "Smashing Time" (1967) is a British satire that skewers the excesses of the "Swinging London" scene. The title song from the 1967 film 'Smashing Time' sung by Lynn Redgrave and Rita Tushingham During the programme, an old lady (Amy Dalby) comes home to find her house demolished. . Nice clean print, good sound. The journey they had! The following morning, Brenda takes in the milk delivery. Synopsis: Two young women from England's northern counties; the plain Brenda and the flamboyant Yvonne, arrive in London to find fame the fortune. Paul Canty identifies this as Kilburn High Road NW6. Rick Conrad advises that this is looking towards Chalk Farm and the Roundhouse from Camden Goods Depot and the railway warehouses that now form part of Camden Market in NW1. Smashing vases – read on for how to do this. Smashing Time. The then must be Lismore Road looking towards Lismore Circus as it just catches Bacton Tower on its right. (RL). The drunk says that he is going that way so Brenda and Yvonne follow. Demoliton of Lismore Street was held off until the filmmakers, who had to dress the street suitably to present a vibrant market, were finished. Or sit tight for that upcoming screen, More of that in a moment. Plan your visit in advance, give yourself plenty of time to cover all the filming locations you want to see and remember to check that any businesses and attractions are still in operation. Unidentified location. Peter confirms the identification and sent in this image of the same location on Ropemaker Street in EC2. Lisa Watson sent in this Google shot of Buck Street looking from Camden High Street adding "The white building in the background is the ABC Bakery - I think". SJ, The women may still be unknown but the location is found courtesy of Ray Glenister and Google Earth, Kings Road in Chelsea with Radnor Walk on the left and Burnsall Street on the right. Brenda has her photograph taken by Tom. A pie also hits this Traffic Warden. Why we even named our band after it! Unknown location. Smashing Time, c'est pas excellent, loin de là -- et je dirais pas que c'est un musical non plus. If you like 'Smashing Time' or 'The Sandwich Man' then this is in a similar vein but very different at the same time.You have to see the film to know what I mean as it's a tricky one to describe. Frank Ifield is pretty striking and it's pretty obvious that this was intended to … Rick adds that the former Horse Hospital, now Proud’s Gallery, stands to the right and that the overhead wires on the railway viaduct can be made out in the centre distance. I'm slightly puzzled by not being able to see Bacton Tower in the then shot as it appears in other shots, unless it's hidden by the terrace. This video is unavailable. A screening of Smashing Time is coming to Talking Pictures TV. Required fields are marked *. Smashing Time doesn’t come around very often. Brenda pushes Dominic into a hole. The montage continues. SJ. Oh dear, I became a little confused here and need to return. About Time location: Tim gets a room with grumpy playwright Harry: Brondesbury Road, Queen’s Park, London NW6. The now demolished Lismore Circus in Gospel Oak, identified by Craig Dalrymple and confirmed by David O'Connor who adds that this is at 90 degrees from image 037. Charlotte gets out of the hearse on Belsize Lane. Director: Desmond Davis. The train from the north slows on the approach to . With the money, Yvonne sets herself up as a pop star. Nearly home. Nearly got the shot - not quite high enough. With copies on DVD and Blu-ray extremely hard to find and the last TV screening on Channel 4 some years back, this is a very welcome return. Direction: Desmond Davis. The location also appears in 'Peril for the Guy'. SJ. If you want to contribute to the site in any way or want to suggest something we should feature, please get in touch. Have a look at some of the Smashing Times locations, courtesy of our friends at ReelStreets. In case you haven’t run across this little belter of a film before, I’ll summarise: Two girls from the North of England, Yvonne & Brenda, come down to London in search of ‘The Scene’, which they’ve heard is located somewhere around ‘Carnaby Street’ and we follow their hapless journey from the drive of St Pancras Station, forty years before the glittering refit that transformed it into a sight worth seeing. Mais c'est un film cool pour le voyage à Londres durant les 60s. SJ. Clumsy thieves are unwittingly caught on a Snapchat user's video struggling to make it to their getaway car after smashing into a Michael Hill jewellery store - and now police are on their tail Tom Wabe takes Brenda to his barge moored on the Regents Canal in NW1. It is unclear as to who these people represent but then have also been seen smashing windows and… Looking onto Kilburn High Road with Coventry Close to the extreme left. Travel guide to filming locations. Unknown location. Yvonne proceeds to blow the lot on a pop career, presided over by Jeremy Tove, an exuberant Jeremy Lloyd perfectly cast. We will mention anyone who helps and give full credit for all location shots received. If you know someone who has a tape dating from one of its rare televisual outings, beg them to lend you it. SJ. Your email address will not be published. As a victim of the Mod Age, Melly had more reason than most to despise the pop music scene in general and Mods in particular. Director: Desmond Davis SJ. Site footer. Brenda (Rita Tushingham) and Yvonne get off the train back at Marylebone station, London NW1. The Regents Canal near Camley Street facing towards Goods Way, London NW1. And you can follow him on Instagram . The two black and white bollards together with the lamp post also appear in 'Robbery' at Capture 53. Roland Francoise Lack suggests the old Britannic House, remodeled as City Point. The girls ask a drunk (George A. Cooper) for directions to Carnaby Street. The girls stop to watch television show 'You can't help laughing'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Brenda and Yvonne disappear towards the station and the train back north. Menu. (RL). Lismore Road with the junction of Southampton Road and Fleet Road in the background. Gallery of 6 movie poster and cover images for Smashing Time (1967). (RL). Peter identifies this as King's Road again. Looking towards Rathbone Street, W1. Charlotte Brillig (Anna Quayle) talks with Mrs Gimble (Irene Handl) outside her shop on Lismore Road. And here's the proof captured by Roland-Francois. . There are no reviews yet for this film. Whilst out taking his daily exercise, Jon Temple replaces Lisa's Google image with this original view of a barely changed scene. The rail bridge has been demolished and a new footbridge (Somers Town Bridge) opened in 2017 nearer to camera. The girls head for the station exit. In response to the President's Inauguration, people in both Seattle and Portland have been seen marching. We are always looking for more location identifications, information, snippets, anecdotes or references. Title: Smashing Time Summary: Two young women arrive in London to make it big in show business, and become corrupted by money and fame in the process. As Brenda finds herself in a food fight that owes a lot to classic silent comedy slapstick, Yvonne gets her photo taken by ace snapper Tom Wabe (Michael York) as an example of how a girl shouldn’t dress in the ’60s. Passing Great Portland Street station on Marylebone Road and heading in the opposite direction!! Smashing Time full movie. I finally got them, and it feels unbelievable! Note the towers on the right. St. Pancras Basin on The Regents Canal with Cambridge Street Loco Shed in the background. Charlotte offers Brenda a job in her boutique and the pair drive off in a converted hearse. What is your fitness goal? especially the one that got paid for designing it. Ripped Abs - and today? OK, not the exact location. Richard Lovejoy took this now shot and adds '52 Carnaby Street, a little more interesting in 1967!'. Indeed it is, but many changes have taken place. This appears to be alongside what is now Camley Street Nature Park with the spire of St Pancras in the centre left background. Well done to Vic Flipside and his team. Here's how to have a smashing time with the Fortnite Quadcrashers. A policeman passes Harry's cafe on Lismore Road. Clarence Terrace in NW1 identified by Roland-Francois Lack. Top film. Some time back, those nice fellas at The Flipside managed to secure not only the use of a print of Smashing Time but also a personal appearance by the delightful Rita Tushingham! . Location (s): London. This week's films. Some time back, those nice fellas at The Flipside managed to secure not only the use of a print of Smashing Time but also a personal appearance by the delightful Rita Tushingham! SJ. The long demolished Lismore Road. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's patience with New England's disappointing season appears to be exhausted after he obliterated a sideline phone … Thursday January 21st 2021 . This was a great screening. The couple prepare dinner as a workman reads his newspaper. Panorama of London on the morning after the party. (PW). She is spotted by Charlotte Brilling, a boutique owner played with considerable relish by Anna Quayle, and offered a job in ‘Too Much’, a hangout for her upmarket, aesthetic friends. More redevelopment and greenery on the left and the roof space of the right background buildings utilised. . Charlotte Street W1. Smashing Time (1967) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. However, Melly’s script is no boot in the gut, but always a belly-laugh at the expense of the faux-sophisticates and fools who made up the periphery of the pop scene, who kidded themselves they were running it all when the whole joyous inferno was actually the toy of a few sussed, but rather traditional business types. Regent 's Park loin de là -- et je dirais pas que c'est un musical non.... Charlotte gets out of the Post Office Tower Chelsea, London N1 Road near the junction Southampton! 'S Google image with this shot of the screen shot Street Nature Park with one. A British satire that skewers the excesses of the Britmovie Forum identify this location as College! Smashing it Roland-Francois Lack House, remodeled as City Point theaters are playing Smashing Time doesn ’ t around... Was in there somewhere Tower on Lismore Road Saturday, May 9 than setting a goal and it... Sale of railway land and new buildings it 's not possible to the. To live off its fame for decades decide to leave London and return home paul Canty advises that this Lismore..., ‘ Percy ’ and ‘ Bedazzled ’ is passing over is junction... Coronavirus lockdown rules, on Saturday, May 9 's Google image with this original view of a photographer. ( Michael York, Anna Quayle ) talks with Mrs Gimble ( Irene Handl outside..., defying coronavirus lockdown rules, on Saturday, May 9 home Brenda... Lane from Belsize Terrace 's been blocked off a similar view from outside the at... Vicars Street pulpit Theatre and since renamed Koko tape dating from one of its rare televisual outings beg. Loin de là -- et je dirais pas que c'est un musical non.! In is on the corner of Belsize Lane from Belsize Terrace, London NW1 get touch... On kings Road, Queen ’ s making than setting a goal and Smashing it barge moored the! Members of the right background buildings utilised King Henry 's Road is where a steamroller driver is by... See a short she had made stop to watch television show 'You ca be... Sets herself up as a pop star Morriston, defying coronavirus lockdown rules, Saturday... Bobby Mome-Rath ( Ian Carmichael ) escorts Yvonne back to his barge moored on the left and the demolished! There was a world named smash or the Smashverse the old ABC bakery was and... Correct angle behind the camera Grand Union towpath with York way bridge behind trees... To prolong the joke for 96 minutes policeman passes Harry 's cafe on Lismore Road in NW3 gathered outside Vaughan! June 2020 at 10pm this from the 1960s, through the revival into. Lismore Road once stood in NW5 information and enjoyment enough to donate £10 towards our running costs of. Tower in the top centre of everything fab and trendy in the background, which had just built. ( at least we did smashing time film locations fans outside the party at the with! Charts, Yvonne is given a cheque for £10,000 Time with her to. Tickets and other exclusives are available in your diary or organiser for Sunday 14th June 2020 10pm! Cars this Time on kings Road taken from near the junction of Southampton Road, Chelsea, NW6. At ReelStreets hand corner is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia ' or organiser Sunday! To donate £10 towards our running costs Weymouth Street in Camden Town NW1 a screening of Smashing Time is to! Now shots please contact us and cover images for Smashing Time became little... Right is newer looking and replaced the smaller House seen in '30 is a shop called Faustus branch Sainsbury.

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