blue pearlscale ghost angelfish

Ken Kennedy. This Angelfish was swimming in one … Widefin. Our blue marbles are the brightest blue you will find anywhere. These blue ghost angelfish are the foundation of my widefin stock. … Angels are a beautiful, mystical addition to any aquatic habitat. Find angelfish for sale at your local PetSmart store! - SUPER SALE ON NOW! The crown jewel of our blue marbles. Foundation quality stock. *** When we saw some examples of these pinoy paraiba angelfish produced by Ken Kennedy, we knew we wanted some in our hatchery. Freshwater angelfish. Can't decide on a type? Angelfish. A dark blue angelfish displaying across the spectrum from deep green-blue to purble depending on your lighting and tank conditions. Black Zebra Angelfish $ 19.99 $ 15.99 Read more-19% Out of stock. Disease-free. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. Spectacular! Perfect for that wild look or introducing wild bloodlines to a breeding program. Breed-standard angelfish with 50% wild blood. Peruvian Scalare Angelfish – Wild Caught Currently Unavailable Even the most finicky angelfish will eat this! These blue ghost angelfish are the foundation of my widefin stock. (Massapequa Park) $100 The water in the aquarium should be slightly acidic. The Blue Angel will add drama and brilliance to your community aquarium. ), Blue Smokey Chocolate Snakeskin Angelfish, Philippine Blue Silver Pearlscale Angelfish, Wild-Cross Philippine Blue Silver Angelfish, Blue Platinum Show Veil Widefin Angelfish, Philippine Blue Rio Negro Paraiba Angelfish, A+ Group of 40 Philippine Blue Angelfish (LESS THAN $3.25 PER FISH). Disease-free tropical fish bed in our own professional fish hatchery (5) Blue Ghost Angelfish 2.5-3" Aquanerestcom: 02d 16h + 45.00 Black Marble Angelfish (any qty.) Zebra Snakeskin Angelfish - Quarter Size. Golden Paraiba Angelfish - Quarter Size (1 Fish) $ 7.99. Traditional silver angelfish with blue genetics. The scales have a wrinkled, wavy look that reflects light to create a sparkling effect. We highly recommend use of our Golden Pearls food and our Miracle Mini Bites food for our angelfish, as it is what they are used to eating. All rights reserved. While prepping for Peru, I decided to take over the pair of blue angelfish over to dean's house and film while we were there. Unique, with many possibilities for breeding, but also a great display fish. $4.00. Philippine Blue Pinoy Angelfish prefer a well planted aquarium with rocks and driftwood. 8, #2 Dr. Joanne Norton, FAMA: May 1989, Vol.12, #5. Here's a way to order a random mix of various types. Angelfish. Excellent blue color and they maintain a wonderful wide fin shape into maturity. This particular freshwater angelfish is quite rare, and because of its shiny, almost metallic scales, it is often referred to as “Platinum” or “Platinum Blue”. Live arrival guaranteed. Sold Out. Add pearlscale to platinum and you have an incredibly shiny, reflective angelfish which will stand out among all fish in your tank. PHILIPPINE BLUE ANGELFISH Local Pickup Live Fish Angel Fish. The most graceful and colorful blue angels we offer. Our high quality stock in a mixed lot at reduced price! Philippine Blue Ghost Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish. Like saving money? The “pearlscale” angelfish is also called the “diamond” angelfish in some regions due to the gem-like iridiscence on its scales. Watch. Pearl develops slowly, starting at around 9 weeks of age. $ 19.99. A beautiful enhancement to any tank, these stunning angels reflect light off their scales and flowing fins, making them look […] HD Size Pinoys. The pearlscale trait adds another layer of flash to these wild-looking blue silver angelfish! Black veil Angelfish $ 19.99 $ 15.99 Read more-20% Out of stock. Blue Pinoy Paraiba Angelfish - Our Superstars! Sold Out. Disease-free. Pterophyllum Scalare Pearlscale Gold Angelfish quantity. Price may vary by location. Watch. A blue zebra angelfish with pearlscale trait and a gold gene, giving these angelfish a spectacular rainbow hue. Blue Angelfish $ 20.99 $ 16.99 Read more-10% Out of stock. When we have these available, they sell out fast, so don't delay! A nice young female Gold Angelfish for sale at our online store.. My personal favorite in all the hatchery. Smokey Angelfish: ... Gold Pearlscale Angelfish: This variety has a scale mutation. They also carry an albino gene so will produce 25% albino babies. All website content is copyright, 2015. These look most similar to the platinum blue variant of the species. And they are Pearscale as well. The pearlscale trait alters the shape and alignment of the scales causing them to be highly reflective of light, giving this phenotype a shiny appearance. These blue ghost angelfish are the foundation of my widefin stock. $ 9.99 * In stock (1) Wild-Cross Philippine Blue Ghost Angelfish. Add TO Cart. The Philippine Blue – pb/pb with or without other hidden (recessive) genes and prefixed the name : Silver, Smokey, Half black, Zebra, Ghost, Streaked, Pearlscale, Marble, … Compared to blushing angelfish, pearlscale fish show the pearlscale pattern throughout their entire body. Highly adaptable and hardy. Blue Angel Fish. … The best of both worlds in a versatile angelfish with domestic blue color mixed with wild body and fin type Kenneth “Ken” Kennedy is a league of his own when it comes to angelfish development, and is internationaly recognized for his discovery of the Philippine Blue gene (pb/pb).. Paired this male Zebra Santa Isabel cross with a female Philippine Blue Ghost pearlscale today. Electric Blue Acara Cichlid - SALE 50% OFF!!! Our blue marble line gets a gold gene, and with it, and incredible rainbow hue that develops well into adulthood. Neon Blue Angelfish $ 15.00 – $ 22.00. Phillipine Blue Ghost Angelfish - Quarter Size. Photos by Kenneth Kennedy & Emerson Sy Source: PETS UNLIMITED Printed Article 2010. The result of crossing our pinoy veil and widefin blue lines has been amazing - the widefin veil is truly a spectacular angelfish. Pearlscale. Add TO Cart. $11.95. They are popular with fish hobbyists and can be found in tanks all over the world. Angelfish are beautiful tropical freshwater fish that come in a variety of colors. An excellent foundation stock for any widefin and/or Philippine blue lines. HD Size Glitters. Sunset Pearlscale Angelfish - Dime Size (3 Fish) $ 24.99. Platinum Pearlscale Angelfish with blue gene. These tend to be a favorite of the planted-tank owner. Here's your answer! Our popular blue marbles with strong sail-like veil fins. Blue. Spectacular! Pm us for shipping quote and pricing details. Spectacular blue glitter flash in a wild angelfish make these a unique conversation starter and attractive addition to your tank. Blue Pinoy Paraiba Angelfish - Our Superstars! Approved by The Angelfish Society Standards Committee on February 11, 2007. Sold Out. We stand behind the affordability and health of our angelfish. Freshwater angelfish. Sold Out. May be a veil wide mixed in. ... black lace, smokey, chocolate, half-black, Sunset Blushing, koi, leopard, Blue Blushing, silver-gold marble, ghost, gold marble, marble, black hybrid, pearlscale, black ghost, and albino. 2 blue smokey 2 blue leopard 2 pinoy leopard 2 smokey paraiba SOLD WYSIWYG group 1 These are the exact 6 fish you'll recieve, nickel plus sized. A superb dark blue angelfish, desireable genetics and popular coloration, includes ghost, zebra, smokey, and marble Pinoy. They will be your pride and joy. Update: Was able to get a decent photo of the pair after they were settled in more. Quarter size Live Freshwater Angelfish. Phillipine Blue Ghost Angelfish - 3 Pack Dime Size. Datiyehfl: 02d 17h + 5.99 FOUR RED KOI ANGEL-FISH .Almost breeder size . The most desireable traits in our angelfish lines. Sold Out. Vigorous wild blood, flashy metallic coverage, widefin, stripeless genes, Philippine Blue, Paraiba. Clown Angelfish - Dime Size (3 Fish) $ 24.99. Micro Pearls Live Brine Shrimp Replacement .5oz. Add to cart. Peruvian Scalare Angelfish – Tank Raised $ 35.00. Exceptionally close to the breed perfect standard. Thanks in large part to Dr. Joanne Norton much is known about the genetics of angelfish. The best of both worlds in a versatile angelfish with domestic blue color mixed with wild body and fin type. A new type of blue marble with a wonderful lemon coloration. By far our most in-demand angelfish. Excellent blue color and they maintain a wonderful wide fin shape into maturity. One blue gene (het Philippine blue) and double halfblack (still unturned) make these a unique addition to any halfblack breeding effort. Close to breeding! Angelfish. A silver ghost pearlscale is a silver ghost (S/+) with the addition of two alleles for pearlscale (p/p) and has the genotype: S/+ p/p. for our angelfish, as it is what they are used to eating. Keystone variety to our breeding program and a very versatile, hardy blue angelfish with a wide mix of underlying genes. These are a traditional favorite. Dr Norton’s work, published between May 1982 and March 1994 in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium magazine, still stands as the cornerstone of what we know today. Ghost (S/+) Blushing (S/S) Zebra (Z/+,Z/Z) Clown (S/Z) ... Angelfish with the pearlscale phenotype carry two copies of the recessive pearlscale gene. The Blue Angel Fish exhibit a brilliant blue along its body. A beautiful strain of angelfish that is primarily silver, with a powder blue coloration that runs from the fishes lips, face, operculum (gill covering) and along the upper portions of the fishes body. Panda Angelfish $ 18.00 – $ 22.00. Bright blue combined with pearlscale iridescence and wonderful marbling across a sail-like widefin. I am so enjoying these beauties!!!!! Keystone variety to our breeding program and a very versatile, hardy blue angelfish with a wide mix of underlying genes. $ 7.99. Watch. I have ordered almost all of Lee's angelfish types and I have to say, this one is simply the best. The blue albino angelfish displays a white body with a distinctive blue hue and the red eyes characteristic of the albino strain. Pterophyllum is a small genus of freshwater fish from the family Cichlidae known to most aquarists as angelfish.All Pterophyllum species originate from the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin and various rivers in the Guiana Shield in tropical South America. An excellent foundation stock for any widefin and/or Philippine blue lines. Have fun browsing this great selection of angelfish. Most are standard wide. This line has some albino and gold genes, so breeding can result in paraiba, albino, and platinum. --Joe M. Philippine Blue Ghost Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish, are approximately (+/-) dime size, they are. They have that shiny appearance but these will come in different colors. Add TO Cart. Add TO Cart. Snakeskin trait on a platinum angelfish?! Fantastic set of genes for a Philippine Blue breeding program. Philippine Blue Smokey Angelfish - Quarter Size. Two stripeless genes give these their stunning reflective metallic patches in addition to our signature blue marbling. Ghost Angelfish: This is a Silver variety with just a stripe through the eye and tail. $25.00. Local Pickup. Live arrival guaranteed. Excellent blue color and they maintain a wonderful wide fin shape into maturity. Select options Select options Details. An attractive blue fish with a strong central triplet of dark stripes. ***SUPER SALE ON NOW, LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! A couple lines we crossed in 2013 gave decent results, but we really wanted to improve the metallic coverage. We're very impressed by this attractive and unusual combination. Angelfish. $ 9.99. Premium Quality Angelfish For Sale : This page lists the varieties of Freshwater Angelfish for sale in our facility.. Click here for details about how to buy from us. ADULT anqels not for sale.Babies angels still don't have blue color and pearlscale see a little bit.All of this will appear when fish will 8-10 months oldThese fish are easy to care for. Pinoy Paraiba Angelfish - Dime Size (1 Fish) $ 12.99. LARGE - Brazillian Blue Glitter - HD SIZE, Electric Blue Marble Angelfish (non-pearlscale), Electric Blue Marble Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish, A+ Group of 20 Philippine Blue Angelfish (LESS THAN $4 PER FISH), Blue Zebra Pearlscale Rainbow Widefin Angelfish, Philippine Blue Ghost Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish, Wild-Cross Philippine Blue Ghost Angelfish, A+ Group of 10 Philippine Blue Angelfish (LESS THAN $5 PER FISH! The classic gold angelfish with increased vigor from wild bloodlines. The picture does not do these justice. The new snakeskin trait in combination with the smokey gene results in a unique blue angelfish with great potential for breeding or display. Welcome to the Angelmania angelfish store. Select options Select options Details. All website content is copyright, 2015. They do well in Ph 6 to 8 and soft and hard water. Blue ghost pearlscale Blue silver pearlscale Platinum pearlscale Blue silver (S/V) Blue zebra (S/V) Blue marble (S/V) Blue clown Black clown Black velvet Black ghost Black zebra Traditional Koi Panda koi Ghost (S/V) Gold (S/V) Gold marble Clown Smokey. Trust me, try these. Angelfish are approximately (+/-) dime size, they are 5-8 weeks old. 2 PH Blue Pearlscale Ghost 2 PHB Platinum+2DD Black  Angelfish Dime Size(6 fish  | eBay The scale have a wrinkled, wavy look that reflect light to create a sparkling effect. - SUPER SALE ON NOW! 1 black ghost veil 1 black ghost std 1 black velvet veil 1 black velvet std 1 black zebra veil 1 black zebra std An amazing alternative to hatching live baby brine shrimp. Tropical Fish 6 Blue Ghost Veil Angelfish Breeders (Massapequa Park) $130 Tropical Fish, Albino Manacapuru, Pearlscale Angelfish, Proven Pair! \\ We raise all of our discus and angelfish in city tap water with a pH of about 7.6. Local Pickup. Personality galore in these bright blue angelfish companions. If there's something you like that is not in stock, you can sign up on that particular product page in order to get notified when it becomes available. All rights reserved. Albino bristlenose pleco Bristlenose pleco. These platinums steal the show with their awesome veil fins, always displayed erect and proud. *Assorted Pearlscale Angelfish - Large $14.95 $9.95 *Assorted Pearlscale Angelfish - Medium $11.95 $7.95 Angelfish - Black Marble - Large $14.95 $7.95 Angelfish - Black Marble - Small $4.95 $3.95 Angelfish - Blue Blushing Ghost - Small $11.95 $6.95 Angelfish - California Green Pearlscale Smokey Half Black-Medium $24.95 $9.95 Albino Pearlscale Angelfish $ 18.99 $ 15.99 Read more-20% Out of stock. Pearlscale Pearlscale is a scale mutation. An excellent foundation stock for any widefin and/or Philippine blue lines. Philippine Blue Pinoy Angelfish feeds on a variety of foods including vegetables, as well as meaty foods. Angels often look outside their tank, they may react to various stimuli such as hands in an aquarium, persons standing nearby, and each specimen has its own personality. Select options Select options Details. Sold Out. The Father of the Philippine Blue Angelfish Gene. This pair is about 12 months old. This line has some albino and gold genes, so … Local Pickup. Close to breeding! The Freshwater Angelfish hails from the rivers of South America. Angel Fish 6 For £12.50 - Small - Assorted Colours - Live Tropical Fish Read Ad. Add TO Cart. Pearlscale (p/p), and Veil (V/+) or Superveil (V/V) mutations to not effect the expression of Smokey (Sm/+) or Chocolate (Sm/Sm) phenotypes Links to more information about the smokey locus Dr. Joanne Norton, FAMA: February 1985, Vol. how quality, sail-like veil fin angelfish. Marbles, Silvers LARGE long and short fins angelfish angel fish . Pm us for shipping quote and pricing details. Beautiful pair of Blue Ghost Veil Angelfish. A recently developed angelfish variety in a bright silver/white coloration which reflects the lighting scheme of your aquarium. Superb genetics in these koi angelfish that can develop intensely high coverage and coloration, even into the fins! They need plenty of room to swim so they should be housed in a 30 gallon aquarium or larger. Philippine Blue Ghost Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish. Add TO Cart.

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