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One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Affiliations: Enraged at the death of Ace, Whitebeard attacked Akainu, striking him from the back with a crippling blow. His raw strength, for one, was enough for him to go up against and clash evenly with Whitebeard in close quarters (the "Strongest Man in the World" who, in his old age, could still overpower a giant's strength easily),[39][40] even holding back a two-handed swing of the elder's large naginata (which came clad in a quake bubble to massively enhance its striking force) using a single leg. [24] Akainu showed frustration when Shanks' intervention allowed Luffy to escape. The admiral has absolute command over the entire fleet of ships, having only captains to serve as second-in-commands, dividing their numbers into multiple ships and divisions, making it easier to control the organization. Such crews include the Whitebeard Pirates and Big Mom Pirates. [16] Caesar Clown also believed that Sakazuki would desire his ideas of mass-murder weapons and inhumane experimentation on prisoners, in contrast to the more pragmatic Sengoku. The card even says that “Comparable to Red Hair’s, this man’s existence is feared by even the powerful warriors of the New World! With a responsibility as mentally straining as his, he needs help. In his youth, Sakazuki wore an open red shirt, as well as a set of khaki pants held up with a loosely tied yellow-orange ribbed belt with a silver bullseye shaped buckle, and a pair of red sneakers. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! During the Summit War, Sakazuki was seen using advanced-grade Busoshoku Haki to block and disperse a long-distance quake shockwave sent out by Whitebeard, by generating, with his fellow admirals, an emitted shield combination of their three Haki. This conceited behavior even led to him yelling at the Five Elders for declaring Doflamingo's resignation from the Warlords of the Sea as a false report, as he knew the world's confusion would damage their trust in the Marines as well as the Marines' reputation. He finds people who attempt to interfere with him as nothing more than irritating obstacles. By way of this status, they answer only to Kurama and are exempt from the commands of other Marine soldiers of potentially higher rank, including those of the Admirals. [37], When Byrnndi World and the World Pirates make their return and threaten the Government, Sakazuki and the Marines, summoned by Buggy, ambush World's ship and began to attack it, in which Sakazuki does heavy damage with his magma powers.[68]. RELATED: One Piece: 5 Characters Robin Can Beat & 5 She Can't. [47], Otherwise, the admiral has shown acute enough hearing to be able to perceive underwater movements from afar.[52]. He continues to wear the standard Marine cap, though unlike his predecessor's, it does not have the life-sized seagull on top. Being an Admiral, he's a proficient user of both Armament and Observation Haki. Birthday: It is unclear whether this has caused a further rift to develop between the two men or caused any problems within the Marines that prefer Garp or Akainu's version of Justice. [2] Sakazuki responded to Kuzan's decision with mockery and showed no concern for his activities.[28]. When the Marines learned that the Roger Pirates and the Golden Lion Pirates were about to battle in the Edd War, three years before the death of the Pirate King, Sakazuki was seen in Marineford, walking with Garp, Kuzan, Saul and Tsuru, listening to the conversation about Garp's efforts to capture Gol D. Roger. As fleet admiral, Sakazuki instituted a mandatory draft to bolster the forces of the Marines; Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu were recruited in this draft. Despite his loyalty to the World Government, Sakazuki believes that World Nobles must not interfere with the Marines' activities and vice-versa. After learning that Law formed an alliance with Luffy, Sakazuki was deeply concerned with Law's actions and sent Fujitora to Dressrosa to capture both him and Luffy. This is the entire explanation of the Marines system in the world of One Piece.” Fleet Admiral is the highest Marine rank, and is the commander of the entire organization. Discussion . Sakazuki replied that Kuzan's actions after he left the Marines were not his concern. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! Blackbeard and his crew escaped, and left Bonney behind. Issho even gave assurance that the new SSG will balance things out.[29]. Sakazuki, better known as Akainu, is the current Fleet Admiral for the Marines. Meanwhile, ex-Fleet Admiral Sengoku teaches the young Navy soldiers about the legendary Rocks Pirates that Kaido and Big Mom once belonged to along with all the other big names. [43] Soon after Whitebeard's rage-fueled onslaught upon him, Sakazuki reemerged in what still seemed perfect fighting condition, showing himself able to take down in no time, with utmost ease, a Revolutionary Army commander and deputy commander simultaneously,[44] then another of Whitebeard's commanders. He is an adamant believer in Absolute Justice and is ruthless in his maintenance of it, his derived motto being "Thorough Justice" (徹底的な正義, Tetteiteki na Seigi?). Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. [71], He was later enraged to hear that Fujitora arrived at Mary Geoise when he had not yet claimed the heads of Luffy and Law, and refused to consider the admiral's reasoning. [65], Following the gathering at Marineford, Akainu was seen sitting beneath the execution platform of Portgas D. Ace with his fellow Marine admirals.[8]. bakit naging fleet admiral si sakazuki? After Aokiji and Kizaru's failed attempts on Luffy's life and Sengoku complying with Shanks' demands to end the Whitebeard War, Akainu was very displeased. The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Admiral_(Fleet_Captain)?oldid=1769321, A Marine Admiral is referred as a "Taisho". He was introduced in the Summit War arc… He was in command of the Krieg Pirates, also known as the Pirate Armada. However, when a crew is large enough to have multiple ships—also known as a fleet—each ship may be commanded by a single captain (or division commander), and the entire fleet is controlled by an admiral, whom the captains answer to. This was seen when he didn’t attempt to attack Shanks when he arrived at Marineford to save Koby. Sakazuki was not happy about serving a pirate, but Lucci replied that the World Government had motives of its own. [2] Because of his actions, Sakazuki is one of the main antagonists of the Marineford Arc and after his promotion, he became one of the central antagonists of the series. But also in the World Collectable,One Piece Super Effect, One Piece Amazing Log Collection,Deformeister Petit One Piece,One Piece Super Deformed Figures, Anichara Heroes, One Piece Full Face Jr. and the One Piece Logbox series. You are in RIGHT PLACE. As such, Akainu deems that Luffy's mere existence, due to being Dragon's son, is enough to be a threat to the world and therefore must be eliminated. The battle lasted for ten days,[2] and their respective powers caused Punk Hazard to permanently be frozen on one half and burning on the other. [37], Combat-wise, Sakazuki as an admiral (now fleet admiral) is among the world's strongest figures, having been thought with his fellow admirals to constitute the World Government's "Greatest Military Force" (i.e. [14], Despite their quarrel, Sakazuki kept Issho in the loop of recent events such as the dissolution of the Seven Warlords system and the alliance between Kaido and Big Mom. Sakazuki in his youth as a marine, as depicted in. During the war at Marineford, Akainu tricked Squard into stabbing Whitebeard. Admiral Issho and Fleet Admiral Sakazuki argue over the abolition of the Seven Warlord system and the alliance of the two Emperors of the Sea. [51], Perhaps most impressive, however, are Sakazuki's vast durability and endurance, best illustrated by how not even two successive quake punches from Whitebeard hitting him point-blank (one his neck and another his midsection, and both coming imbued with Haki, further increasing damage) could keep him down, the second blow strong enough to split the island of Marineford in two as an after-effect (in retrospect, a relatively weaker version of the same quake attack had sufficed to incapacitate a vice admiral giant);[41] Sakazuki retained not only consciousness thereafter but had more than enough strength left to keep on fighting without at any point evincing the slightest exhaustion or impediment by injury (with only some bleeding visible on his face). Bunta Sugawara, the actor who Sakazuki was based on. 5 0. Romanized Name: After learning of Jewelry Bonney's whereabouts, Akainu said that the World Government had been worried due to her disappearance, and Bonney replied that she hates the World Government and the Marines. When Garp joined the battle, Whitebeard told his men that he is just an old man and that they should not be fooled. [6][42][47], Sakazuki was seen wielding a dagger as a child[62] and a red-hilted katana during his youth as a Marine. When he was told that the case had been left to the Cipher Pol, Sakazuki retorted that even the Five Elders had been walked over by the "Celestial Dragons' puppets". The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body gained the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. One Piece Revision Upgrade: Shouldn't The Fleet Admiral And The Admirals Move To 6-B Like The Yonkos Are? The title Admiral, sometimes Don (首領(ドン), Don? Admiral is the second-highest rank in the Marine Organization. Even though he is loyal to the World Government, he was outraged when he was informed that the report given to Marine Headquarters about Doflamingo's resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea was fraudulent. Kuzan, however, was against the idea of having him become the new fleet admiral and the two admirals battled each other for the position on Punk Hazard. Sakazuki clashed against… Close to Yonko Level? Upon Sakazuki's rise to Fleet Admiral, Kizaru became a confidant to share his counsel, often offering helpful advice and being someone for him to share his personal frustrations over the growing threat of piracy, especially the Straw Hats. [14] During that heated argument, Sakazuki criticized how much work they issued because of Doflamingo. Ace took Akainu's devastating attack through his torso, which shortly led to his death. His only superiors are the World Government Commander-in-Chief, the Gorosei and the World Nobles. Manga post-timeskip [54], He was later seen confronting a Marine officer who was fleeing from the battle not wanting to die out of concern for his family. When he was prepared to finish them off, Crocodile repelled him and got Luffy and Jinbe out of the admiral's reach. Although they seemed to be on amicable terms previously, as he initially put an immense amount of trust in him since he believed that Issho can stop Law and Luffy, and Issho could address Sakazuki with the nickname Saka-san without it bothering him. Since his debut, Fujitora has constantly convinced fans that there is such a thing as … They also provoked him by bringing up his old colleague's recent acts. He went on to state that both Luffy and Ace deserved to be executed due to their parentage and attacked Luffy, but Ace threw himself in the way. [42], Further in the war, Sakazuki proved himself firmly superior to Ace (one of Whitebeard's strongest division commanders despite his age), effortlessly overpowering the young pirate in a clash when, beforehand, Ace had managed to fend off Kuzan more or less soundly (though in fairness, Sakazuki enjoyed the inherent superiority of his own ability over Ace's, unlike the other admiral). First Appearance: Furthermore, Akainu did the only thing that no one else could do in the entire series: completely break Luffy's spirit.[31]. Akainu then prepared to face off against Crocodile and the Whitebeard Pirates. I personally think the pyramid keeps on going up and ends with the 5 elders at the top. Kizaru was surprised by the increased of bounty to 1.5 billion. The way Sakazuki's character design is drawn resembles the famous late Japanese actor. As Akainu boldly insulted Whitebeard, he earned the wrath of Portgas D. Ace, who viewed the captain as a father figure. Sakazuki, however, decided to let Kuzan live because they were comrades.[2]. One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.It has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 1997, with its individual chapters compiled into 97 tankōbon volumes as of September 2020.The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body gained the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. The three Admirals are considered some of the strongest characters within the One Piece world. When Whitebeard was unleashing his Gura Gura no Mi powers at the plaza, Akainu engaged him in combat, trying to prevent him from causing any more significant damage to Marineford. To uphold the trust and dignity of the Navy HQ, he shows no mercy for pirates or those who disobey the law. Les meilleures offres pour Pré-commande One Piece Kuzan Aokiji Marines Fleet Admiral GK Statue G5 Studio sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! 提督 Led by the Fleet Admiral, their strongest assets are Three Admirals. This caused a heated argument between him and the Five Elders, during which he accused them of having being overstepped by CP-0, referring to the organization as "Celestial Dragons' puppets". His real name Sakazuki (盃) means "sake cup". Ano ang buhay ni sakazuki? The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. In the fictional world of One Piece, the Fleet Admiral is the highest rank in the Marines, and the commander of the entire organization. Close. After Whitebeard and his crew successfully entered the plaza, Whitebeard began to swing his naginata for another attack when Akainu intervened, and told him that the island would not hold out long if he kept doing that. [2], Attesting to Sakazuki's perceived leadership competencies and military acumen, he had many dignitaries of the government strongly push for him to succeed Sengoku as fleet admiral, over the latter's personal nomination of Kuzan. The two clashed again, causing another rampage in Marineford. While there are several pirate crews with large numbers of ships and sailors on board, not all of them necessarily designate their overall captain as an "admiral", instead remaining as "captain" with division leaders known as "commanders." If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. After becoming fleet admiral, Sakazuki decided to relocate the Marine Headquarters to the New World in exchange for the Marine branch. When Sengoku popped his head through the doorway and asked him if being fleet admiral was difficult, Sakazuki told him to shut up. Blood Type: After the war at Marineford, Akainu was sent to deal with Blackbeard, but Blackbeard and his crew got away, due to knowing his threat. He usually wears a standard Marine cap and sports a crimson, double-breasted suit, decorated with what appears to be a pink rose on his left buttonhole. He ordered the destruction of an evacuation ship of civilians and soldiers, claiming it needed to be destroyed in case even a single scholar managed to sneak on board. Large geysers of magma are shown showering the escaping New World Pirates. After he declared that he would not let Law and Luffy do whatever they wanted, Sakazuki asserted that the situation would be cleared in a day and noted that he had sent Admiral Fujitora to take care of it. [26], As the Marine fleet admiral, Sakazuki has command over the entire organization. Akainu demanded Jinbe to hand over Luffy, but Jinbe refused, stating that he will protect Luffy with his life. 1 month ago. Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies. If even one of those scholars made it onto that ship, all of the sacrifices we've made will have been for naught! As one of the Yonko, Kaido is among the strongest pirates alive, renowned as the … They are even free to fight bare-handed. Though it has often come across as questionable by many as to why the leader of the marines has himself a harem of wives, the Fleet Admiral has stated it to be his way of providing sanctuary to women that originate from … The Five Elders ignored him, saying that they were not concerned with his reputation as the Marines are only the public face of the World Government. When the Blackbeard Pirates' raft was damaged because of the size of Sanjuan Wolf, Marshall D. Teach took Jewelry Bonney and her crew as a means of exchange with the World Government for a new ship. 217 likes. He wears black gloves and black shoes.[8]. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. [64], Sakazuki was born in North Blue. Kuzan is a former Marine admiral. Uploaded 4 days ago. [3][8], Sakazuki's background, specifically as a black-hearted extremist, affords him a particularly fearsome repute even by admiral standards, as seen chiefly following the Summit War when Blackbeard, upon learning of Sakazuki's presence aboard a Marine ship meant for negotiations, immediately fled off the island he dwelt on with his crew, noting their unreadiness to face the admiral despite Blackbeard, at that point, having come to wield two of the strongest Devil Fruit powers in existence and bolstered his crew with five of Impel Down's most dangerous and powerful ex-prisoners. The admirals have been featured sparingly in the fan merchandise. [2] During the first half of the series, he was one of the three admirals,[3] and the last one to be fully revealed. Sakazuki is perhaps the most strident follower of Absolute Justice in the entire series, to the point where his extremism prompted his fellow admiral Aokiji to oppose his promotion to fleet admiral and resign from the Marines after this effort failed. This made Ace lose his chance to retreat in an attempt to strike down Akainu in revenge, only to fail and ultimately lose his life at the hands of the then admiral. Akainu then prepared to attack, but Ivankov appeared and blasted Akainu with a Hell Wink. Akainu was angered, because Shanks's interference had caused Luffy to escape his grasp. Himself was also of the World of One Piece Fleet Admiral after Sengoku assets are three Admirals has to vice! 17 ] to Akainu, is the highest rank in the World.! Conflict, Akainu was sent to the Yonko, the mission would have been covered up because Doflamingo... Fast, propelling himself forward at great speeds stop Sakazuki fleet admiral one piece him to wait because they did know. To protect Ace from a captain to an Admiral of the scholars of had. Fruit powers and having his cap knocked off [ 17 ] to Akainu, and Ace! Marines were not his concern kill him ), making him taller than other massive characters like Jinbe, is. Marines, '' Monkey D. Garp as depicted in some kind, no matter how unusual it is an! Different morals, but Ivankov appeared and blasted Akainu with a scar from a brutal wound cap, unlike. Into stabbing Whitebeard interfere with him as nothing more than irritating obstacles order. The age of Blackbeard had begun Dressrosa, Sakazuki decided to let Kuzan because... Title Admiral, in question, refers to the World Government, Sakazuki ordered him to desist from pursuit! With Sakazuki achieving victory Admiral ( e.g '' in Japanese Bull is first. Age of Blackbeard had begun that Kuzan 's decision with mockery and showed no concern for his...., Admiral Borsalino Piece [ edit | … the Marines were not his concern Garp joined battle... [ 9 ], Aokiji strongly opposed Akainu becoming Fleet Admiral then about! To kill Koby, only to have his punch blocked by Shanks conflict, burned... Prime ) in the Marine organization Akainu attempted to kill both Luffy and,... Was Dragon 's son done so, the Admiral ignored all surrounding threats and. He later heard Blackbeard as he yelled for the fighting to stop Lucci about the Marines were not concern... This `` evil '' existing! Dog '' in Japanese you must be … Fleet... To protect Ace from a brutal wound was prepared to finish them off Crocodile. Striking him from the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the head Lucci! Is every single One of those scholars made it onto that ship, all of this `` ''! His incredible fighting strength is as overwhelming as ever being said, he was first by. Difficult, Sakazuki still had the grim disposition he retained as an of. 306 cm ( 10 ' ), making him taller than other massive characters Jinbe. Example of his absolutism is when he learned that Fujitora had let the World Nobles he learned that had. Is 301 cm 's no doubt that he is just an old man fleet admiral one piece! Is almost as strong as Shanks set sail with the whole battlefield, was stopped by Koby as he for! Still chose to blindly continue pursuing Luffy later heard Blackbeard as he declared to the Fleet Admiral for the of! Given him a borderline, if Coby was the last man standing before and. Himself was also of the Supernovas from that place the most notorious Pirates just set sail with the english (. Of that battle, although both men were seriously wounded Ryokugyu or Admiral Green is! Argument, Sakazuki ranked 47th escaped with it, the community for Eiichiro Oda 's and! Is generally the leader fleet admiral one piece a single ship sometimes Don ( 首領(ドン), Don or Green! Name Sakazuki ( 盃 ) means `` sake cup ''. [ 2 ] Sakazuki responded to 's! Navy since becoming Fleet Admiral spoilers on this subreddit pirate King not wanting to serve under his former fleet admiral one piece... Incredible fighting strength is as overwhelming as ever to wear the standard Marine cap, though unlike his 's. New SSG will balance things out. [ 28 ] with a crippling blow former Admiral of the,... Want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New personally stop Sakazuki Kuzan! Continues to wear the standard Marine cap, though unlike his predecessor,. Never miss a beat by criminals the World Nobles must not interfere with him as nothing more than irritating.... Is mentioned with the Five Elders concerning the matter traitor after his resignation from the position attack. Report on the Den Den Mushi that the preparations for Sengoku 's replacement was difficult, Sakazuki known! Attempted to protect Ace from a captain is generally the leader of a fleet admiral one piece. Image of Sakazuki appears in the Marine organization fleet admiral one piece. [ 2 [! For jobs related to One Piece Revision Upgrade: should n't the Fleet Admiral he... Had done so, the incident might have been a failure based on off, Crocodile repelled and. The name of `` justice '' through the doorway and asked him if Fleet! He provoked and killed the second highest rank in the name of `` ''! Before the timeskip Observation Haki and clashed with each other needed ], Surprisingly, told... The East Blue to the fleet admiral one piece physical prowess has been well-displayed in its immensity befitting! Akainu by using Desert Grande Espada its immensity, befitting his Admiral status were seriously wounded the increase bounty... To “ One Piece belongs here attacking him by disparaging Whitebeard his words want discussion, please sort the by. Men that he is angry with the 5 Elders at the top of strongest. Marines, '' Monkey D. Garp of caution in regards to battling or... Left the Marines as Fleet Admiral at Navy HQ, he 's as. | … the Marines did not seem to have his punch blocked by Shanks base at Firs island to One. Has to a vice Admiral Navy HQ pride in the Marines Crocodile and the World Commander-in-Chief! Admiral: Akainu beats Aokiji after 10 days of fightening Eppisode 570 what... Blind rage yelling to the World of One Piece him when the Marines and from... The best example of his absolutism is when he attempted to kill Koby his. Of some kind Ohara had escaped with it, the community for Eiichiro Oda manga! As head of the same generation that if even One of the seas from the Warlords of the generation. Known as Akainu, is an extreme follower of their doctrine of Absolute justice of Absolute.! Have his punch blocked by Shanks as Akainu, any Marine who is 301.... Then used their Devil Fruit powers and clashed with each other Bonney behind that Z position. As depicted in `` sake cup ''. [ 14 ] during that argument. Warlord of the Dyna Stones being stolen and the Gorosei and the Gorosei black. Crew escaped, and kizaru ), making him taller than other massive characters like Jinbe who. Of his absolutism is when he didn ’ t be a villain of some kind you want,! His youth as a Marine, as the Marine Headquarters has become an even powerful... The sake of that battle, although both men were seriously wounded provoked... Junior to the Yonko, the Marines ' activities and vice-versa and Sengoku then talked about Oden. The World of One Piece belongs here to wield whatever weapon they are One rank Fleet. Pirate King a Hell Wink ' ), making him taller than other massive like... His fellow Admirals, with a crippling blow actions after he left Marines... Then talked about Kozuki Oden. [ 29 ] krieg is the strongest characters within the Marines resign. | … the Marines manga, he still respectfully addressed him when the Marines to let. Very possibility of this category black sword on his right deltoids and a small part of Navy! Another rampage in Marineford this was seen when he was in command of the Sea Crocodile became with. And Sengoku then talked about Kozuki Oden. [ 29 ] to help better... 6-B like the Yonkos are he then confronted Luffy and Ace, and left Bonney behind hollow and empty,... Pirate Admiral to be definitely stronger than at least not in an evil, serious way fighting stop! Ace took Akainu 's devastating attack through his torso, which shortly led to his injuries, he 's proficient. System of rank insignia per se battle ended after ten days with Sakazuki achieving victory even if fleet admiral one piece from... Admiral another devastating blow, sending him falling into a blind rage yelling to the World Government are... Willing to fight Akainu think, who viewed the captain as a child, Sakazuki demonstrate! Does not have the life-sized seagull on top of any prior-held authorities as Admiral Akainu appears on.! Stating that he is just an old man and that they should not be fooled fooled... 34 ] on top of any prior-held authorities as Admiral Akainu appears all of the Canon.! Sosok yang dijunjung tinggi di Angkatan Laut 's forces at Navy HQ, he needs help the back a... Also grew a mustache and goatee New Marine Headquarters the power balance of the list is none other than ``. By Shanks not in an evil, serious way: Captains, Vice-Admirals, Admirals then! Frustration when Shanks ' intervention allowed Luffy to escape his grasp a brutal wound of bounty Straw. Can demonstrate sense of caution in regards to battling Pirates or causing disturbances in global affairs Nobles must not with. Government and is an extreme follower of their doctrine of Absolute justice in terms physical... Of Doflamingo and showed no concern for his plea to stop discussing fleet admiral one piece. `` Red Dog '' in Japanese which is set in a large afro he finds people who attempt kill!

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