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And there is a brief pause of no answer. We get a shot from the angle of the Monster’s POV as it gets closer to examining Claire’s hiding spot. Pilot: Greg Grunberg. SAWYER: Maybe the radio broke in the crash. A sign of technology, of civilization? We cut back to Sawyer, Kate, and Claire standing with distressed expressions around the pit in the forest. They hear the, soft animalistic-but-monstrous rattling noise. Sawyer shrugs with a vague air of frustration. A minor surprise to her as she is ultimately indifferent to what she sees, but a larger surprise to us: the camera pulls away from where Kate is standing and turns out to face the clearing, so we may see what she is seeing, with a musical horn getting steadily louder until at last we see it. Conclusion. WALT: I’m… not doing too good, to be honest. RICHARD: They came and attacked me last night. one of its two pistols. Kate maneuvers a little to get a better look out through the trees, as we can see slightly into the dark, malevolent jungle. They both take sips of their rather good tea. Behind them, we hear the menacing, We see several shots of Kate and Sawyer desperately scrambling through the forest, the. The music tones down into a more quiet but horror-struck beat at what has just occurred. Miles nods. Wed, Sep 22, 2004 60 mins. Arzt: Daniel Roebuck. That’s how we protect all of you, all of your children, from them. He feels he’s. He overly forcibly grabs her by the arm and pulls her back — and with that she suddenly. Kate urgently runs through the jungle environment, pulling herself past tree trunks and branches. She wants to believe, and yet she cannot deny her own senses. They continue to watch the plane be demolished, as Sawyer’s expression turns defiant, his sense of law and order coming in: SAWYER: It ain’t right, that a corporation can just meddle in people’s lives like that. What’s to say there can’t be two monsters? SAWYER: Me neither. Walt hurries to one clump of trees a ways from their right, while Claire heads for the clump of trees ahead in their left diagonal direction, an expression as though she knows this likely won’t be enough. Each of the castaways is seated in a chair, with an enforcer or two standing behind each. I bid you six a good day. As the Monster hovers, it slowly turns left, closing in on the grouping of trees Claire is hiding in. Enjoy! She steps outside, quietly stepping, almost tip-toeing. The music has relaxed again. The daunting mood turns calm and confident. We realize that we can to some extent get a good view across each of the other three, and we realize that all of them, as well as likely the one that Kate is on right now, are rather small, small enough to be called islets. However, Galen’s own smile only grows into a smirk of his own at something crucial Richard missed. . The music trails off, as the three of them turn around to see Miles and Ben emerging from the trees. WALT: You guys haven’t seen the first one since then. Rousseau: Mira Furlan. KATE: We have to find them as fast as possible. The door then opens — and out steps, in curly hair and business attire, none other than Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. Jin's Father: John Shin. We can make out something like a faded turquoise with dirt and mud on it underneath the limbs. Some of the “Credit Where Credit Is Due” theme playing.]. For not giving up on me. Meanwhile, three years later in Los Angeles, Ben starts convincing the Oceanic 6 to return to the island. One by one, flashbacks reveal details to their often-troubled pasts and those of core castaways including lottery winner Hurley (Jorge Garcia); former Iraqi soldier Sayid (Naveen Andrews); the pregnant Claire (Emilie de Raven); drug-addled rocker Charlie (Dominic Monaghan); Korean couple Jin and Sun (Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim); single dad Michael (Harold Perrineau), son Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) and dog Vincent; and twentysomething siblings Shannon (Maggie Grace) and Boone (Ian Somerhalder). He nods, and the three of them head onward through the trees. Except that one time. Guest Starring Jared Harris. She seems to carry some sense of turmoil behind her eyes. And it is producing a small flash of red light every few moments. Let’s scout the beach, I believe it’s close. The leader takes an empty seat of his own. Episode 1. A variation of his mediumship theme (0:55 to 1:04) briefly plays for a few moments, as some spooky sound effects can be heard, and we see some quick shots to his hands at the bodies and quick shots to his deeply determined expression, eyes still shut. More gray-haired and wrinkled, looking a bit startled in the eyes by Kate’s sudden move, and we get a slow pause on his expression as a mildly apprehensive variation of Ben’s theme (like 2:16 – 2:29 though a bit quicker and softer) playing with the unexpected air of the moment. Leadership fears plague Jack, who's also tested by recollections of a troubled youth and exacting parents (Veronica Hamel, John Terry) that he flashes back to during a surrealistic jungle trek. Our prime objective now is to find Hugo. Kate accompanies him on the search for a creature he believes has it in for him. The other four follow, with varying degrees of loathing for what’s coming ahead. Ever-changing group dynamics are endured while unanswered questions pile up about the island and its existing inhabitants, both human and inhuman. After a couple of moments paused, Walt begins to speak again: WALT: After my grandma died… things started happening, all the time. Indeed, Kate doesn’t look forward to that either. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Claire is almost hyperventilating with anxiety. And I’ll be there with you the rest of the way. Sawyer doesn’t clarify. She pauses again and we see her standing, staring in our direction as there is a couple of flashes of something red in the camera. , though inverted at times as we see a few quick shots cut together of them wandering, Kate’s expression determined, Claire’s a little “spaced out”. A strange unearthed discovery rattles Boone, whose dark past is revealed in a shocking backstory that recalls his life with Shannon and presages the return of the beast. Island 2. The music quiets for a few moments. But the men are not interested in answering. The camera continues to pan along the side of the plane, the Oceanic Six theme softly building, until the camera zooms into one of the windows, a subdued ratty-haired Claire Littleton and a hopeful Kate both seated and staring out. We continue to see parts of the Ajira plane taken down and crushed. Ahead, we see housing and farmland. In the moment they’re dying? On Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19, Erin must face off against her ex-husband in court, while Jamie is partnered with an Internal Affairs informant. The leader introduces himself, formally: LEADER: My name is Manvel Galen. Claire takes her hand comfortingly, as Kate’s eyes get a little watery. She and Sawyer suddenly realize what it is, as the camera turns left for us to see, and the dramatic horn heightens and then abruptly stops: It’s Benjamin Linus!! … When I was a kid, my daddy shot my mom, then himself. Lapidus tries to turn on the “fasten seat belt” sign for the passengers, but it’s broken and remains unlit. And more than that, he’s, BEN: We’re here to dismantle the Hanso Foundation’s operation, …to. But the camera zooms slowly towards Claire, as Kate’s reaction is nothing compared to the utter horror on Claire’s face. I can make up something in a jiffy. Her head is resting on a leafy surface. October 23, 2016. Kate reasonably grabs him by the shoulder and stops him. Why didn’t they come with us? In Sawyer’s eyes, we can read that he thinks now that. Claire seems to be referring to something which we the audience have not been yet made aware. We continue to hear the monstrous moaning and trees smashing in the distance as the Monster is on the move. He bends down, holding both his hands to the heads of the bodies, clenching his eyes shut. The other survivors are disturbed by the skirmish that just took place, but most of all Kate is especially struck. Hurley: Jorge Garcia. Sawyer scoffs a little. We see the group become scattered as we see various shots of each character, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, Walt, running desperately through trees, hopping over tree limbs and trunks, barely being able to see through the pouring rain. KATE: Are you going to tell us why we’re a security risk? connection to Oceanic 815, the other plane which also unfortunately crashed in the ocean three years ago. But Miles and the kid are with me. She then freezes with a loud crack of thunder from above. Kate takes a breath, unprepared to talk about this, and then explains to her. Claire also looks reminiscent. We at times get a sense of the remnants of technology laying through nature. Copy failed. And so the Hanso Foundation was able to rise up once more. Kate starts to crack, something she has been holding in for a long time. They shake their heads. can still be heard maneuvering in the distance. But the camera zooms slowly towards Claire, as Kate’s reaction is nothing compared to the. The music. RICHARD: I think… I’m going to return to what I was doing before I came to the island. He died saving us. There was. KATE: Why don’t we just tell the truth? , but the notes seem inverted at times from how we would normally hear them on the first island. Music very similar to. They kiss each other. She is full of self-doubt. And Hurley? And Sawyer lets out a huff. Hugo said this was, . Sawyer and Kate quickly burst into action, hurrying towards the beast and its prey. The screen is dark for a second. The castaways look at him stiffly. Lapidus watches sentimentally with a feeling of a punch to the gut at what he’s seeing. You don’t care about that kid, why don’t you just kidnap him again! Claire approaches Kate, and the two embrace like sisters reunited. We also notice that something about the environment or cinematography feels that its color has been filtered with a faint tint of gray or silver. Parts of the Oceanic Six theme starts to play over parts of the LAX theme. I think I’m gonna be fine. A HEART-STOPPING BOOMING SHRIEK, AN EARTH-SHATTERING BURST, We hear a slight piece of music from the Pilot, subtle but eerily haunting, for a couple of seconds (0:03 – 0:05), We hear another familiar haunting piece from the Pilot (0:59 – 1:27), a defeated variation of the Man in Black’s theme (0:42 – 0:48), uplifting variation of the survivors’ theme, mildly apprehensive variation of Ben’s theme (like 2:16 – 2:29 though a bit quicker and softer), (like 2:29 – 2:35 from the same scene before, though a bit softer still), Monsters Are Such Interesting People (1:01 and onward). The season premiered on February 2, 2010, with a double-length episode (two hours including commercials) preceded by a one-hour clip show, titled "Lost: Final Chapter". Claire gets into a scuffle, exchanging punches with the guards until she is tackled onto the ground and forcibly held down, as one guard takes a needle device of some kind and injects the struggling, yelling Claire in the arm with it. Then we hear the familiar, Kate stops, noticing that this news is distressing to Claire. Hugo said this was their island. for the next few moments. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. We hear another familiar haunting piece from the Pilot (0:59 – 1:27), though inverted at times as we see a few quick shots cut together of them wandering, Kate’s expression determined, Claire’s a little “spaced out”. Sawyer: Josh Holloway. The music tones down into a more quiet but horror-struck beat at what has just occurred. LAPIDUS: This is Captain Frank J. Lapidus! Her thank-you conveys a lot of gratitude, both for Kate convincing her to leave the Island, as well as for raising Aaron. playing. We at last see them come to a halt. The theme transitions into. And Kate and Sawyer suddenly emerge through the forest onto the scene as the Monster begins dragging a yelling Walt. We are then back inside the plane, as just the music continues, with the Ajira Six heading to open the exit door, as the music quiets down a bit. BEN: Why did you decide to come to this island? Details of Sawyer's troubled past surface in flashbacks focusing on a sleazy con artist (Robert Patrick, "The X-Files") that are interwoven with Sawyer's hunt for a boar. It lets out a few flashes of bright light like that of a camera, with the sound of a loud mechanical ticking, causing Walt to squint his eyes and turn his face with each flash, the Monster scanning into his mind. Synopsis:On the island, Ilana learns that it was Ben who killed Jacob. SAWYER: We wouldn’t happen to have a flashlight in here? Up to this point, she had not yet been told who was dead. He then sees them approaching the table, and forces a friendly smile of greeting. The only creaturely sounds heard now are the ominous, exotic sounds of wild birds howling in the distance. The only creaturely sounds heard now are the ominous, exotic sounds of wild birds howling in the distance. Kate and Claire walk a short ways from the shack, through the rain, a feeling of tension with each step. Kate and Sawyer take their seats, keeping uplifting expressions. The unconscious Claire is dragged to a vehicle and loaded into the backseat. We are hearing what almost sounds like the. They take notice of another powerline elongated up through the trees. … I mean temptation. She is gasping for air, her expression betraying a feeling of startlement at her surroundings. It drags him back through the forest — until it arrives at a hole in the ground — it begins to slide in — and is taking Walt with it. But it’s different – it’s not a black or dark gray color. SAWYER: Don’t worry, y’all just let me do all the talking. As Sawyer goes to take a seat, the camera goes back on Claire and Kate who are seated next to each other. A concerned Kate quickly but gently grabs him by the arm to get his attention. Kate and Claire seem surprised, though maybe understanding what he means, if not entirely sure. WALT: I kept hoping someday somebody would come back for me. Upon arriving at the location of the device, SG-1 comes under fire from Goa'uld ships. into his mind. The music getting heavier with anxiety. SAWYER: We can’t get in contact. Arzt: Daniel Roebuck. BEN: The others did it to protect the children. We then hear the sound of a gun cocking behind Miles. The sound of the monstrous roaring can still be heard maneuvering in the distance. is immediately heard from that direction. Conclusion of the Season 1 finale. We can see the worry in his face, but he holds his resolve, as he turns back to Sawyer. We get a final few moments focused on her as she stands alone in the storm, with what sounds like increasingly loud musical drum beats, until the final note hits as the screen goes black. KATE: I was following that, it could lead to shelter. You weren’t an official passenger of either flight. Kate’s expression turns a different shade of concerned. GALEN: Then… we will release records to law enforcement implicating the involvement of all of you. I’ve got a plan. Sayid is taken captive by a long-time strandee: an armed and cryptic French woman (Mira Furlan), who's alternately violent and sympathetic. A thought then springs into his mind that lifts his expression mildly. He was dragged into that hole. There are a few moments of pause in peace. I thought this place would be different from the other island. out of his hiding spot, out to the clearing, whistling like calling a dog, and shouting: He hops and waves his arms, as the Monster turns its direction around to face him. However, Kate’s attention is distracted curiously by the metallic structure in the middle of the road. They can see the Ajira plane, surrounded by several demolition vehicles. SAWYER: Fine then. The survivors are not alone. Pilot: Greg Grunberg. His name’s Hugo, or Hurley. Walt comes to a stop, examining them, as Claire stops too. Copy Copied! Kate: Evangeline Lilly. He is standing tall next to the structure on the ground, as we faintly hear Michael and Walt’s theme for the next few moments. Hurley then says with a serene confidence, a smile still on his face, his uplifting “sideways” theme still playing: HURLEY: Don’t worry, guys. WALT: But that doesn’t make any sense. Sawyer is looking inside as Miles shakes his head. The music picks up in its suspense. SAWYER: Just swell. Then we. GALEN: You would know all about law and order, given your criminal past, wouldn’t you, Mr. Ford? What is he thinking?! Then we see the blonde hair and — it’s Claire Littleton. The last five years are a mystery to a man and a woman. [From The New Man In Charge epilogue, Ben and Walt in the DHARMA van while Hurley sits in the back.]. SAWYER: So we’ll keep heading west for now, then circle back around south. My business card…. Kate and Claire are nearly startled to death out of their seats, struck by the shock, as. It knows she’s in there! starts to play over parts of the LAX theme. He finds the discarded rifle, which he quickly grabs and picks up, and the dry bag, both of which he straps over his shoulder. As for civilians, no one can prove which plane they saw. strikes into the power line, startling the group as a brief burst of flame erupts from it, and a couple of scorching tree branches and parts of the powerline land, drenched in the continuing rain. Sawyer nods, but takes notice of Lapidus’ problem. Then she calls out to the next name that comes to mind, in a tone of one seeking help. She holds herself upright steadily but panting in the frantic situation, rainfall getting heavier. Claire takes notice of her as well, a look of relief in her eyes also. ], [Jack kicking the Man in Black off the cliff, and he falls to his death. HURLEY: I just came to check in on you guys! The sound of. Profiling enigmatic Sawyer in telling flashbacks to his criminal past and troubled youth; and in violent confrontations with Jack and Sayid, who are convinced that Sawyer's a spiteful sleaze who's withholding medication from Shannon. Kate’s smile is somehow even more relieved now. RICHARD: I think they’re coming for us, all of us. WALT: I wonder how there’s two. We see one last shot of Hurley’s grin, and then the, Kate shakes her head, a little horror-stricken at his course of action. But Sawyer stumbles harshly to the ground, as we see his foot caught in a hole of mud. We cut back to the area where Claire and Walt are hiding in different groups of trees, as we get glimpses at their anxiously observant eyes through the leafs. Claire remembers the sense of being claimed. With Locke mysteriously unaccounted for and another survivor in dire need of Jack's medical assistance, what better time for a terrified Claire to go into labor with a clueless Charlie by her side. The theme transitions into Hurley’s flash-sideways theme. As he leaves, the men begin to uncuff Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Lapidus, and Richard. Kate steps closer to the red lightpost, slowly wandering around it, examining it, wondering its purpose, its origin. Special Guest Star Nestor Carbonell. A soft, sentimental piece of music beats. RICHARD: Well, they can’t stop us from landing. Of course, I didn’t participate much. Kate and Claire soon follow behind them. KATE: They’re not exactly alike. We cut back to the area where Claire and Walt are hiding in different groups of trees, as we get glimpses at their anxiously observant eyes through the leafs. Kate takes notice. We then see them come upon a familiar sight again — a red lightpost, a different one from the one we saw earlier in the episode. Sawyer pierces back into Galen’s eyes, trying to read him. Claire goes to talk to Miles to get some provisions. They then hear a. in the trees around them — some anxious music beating — the two get a good look around them, realizing it’s just the blowing wind. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After a few more moments, Claire whispers: Kate whispers back in a petrified tone, but trying to keep her cool. Then we hear the familiar woooooooooshing sound effect as we transition to a flashback: The camera is on the ratty-haired Claire again, as we realize we are back on the calm of the Ajira plane in the past. They all gradually left the room. She takes the doorknob carefully and twists it, and opens the door cautiously. He then comes upon the case of guns — but it’s. But Kate quickly urges on to the next point: She motions her head behind in the direction of the forest they just came from. The three of them hurry on down the clearest opening through the forest. KATE: I always followed him. Summary: Charlie struggles with withdrawal symptoms after giving his remaining heroin stash to John Locke. The others all look resigned to Sawyer’s lead as well. Memory Lost - 美人为馅 Season 1 (3) 2016 TV-14. Curtains along the sides of the two windows. KATE: Whatever Jack did on the Island, he made it so Locke could be killed. What do we need to do? The door then opens — and out steps, in curly hair and business attire, none other than Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. He looks down, maybe with some bewildering regret. This gray look seems to carry the environment of this island everywhere. Miles and Richard’s expressions turn to half surprised, half almost laughing. CLAIRE: I know I tell you this all the time, but again, thank you so much. Ben holds his gun up for a moment as though it feels foreign to him, and then amicably hands it to Kate. We hear an uplifting variation of the survivors’ theme. LEADER: You’re quite right, Mr. Ford. ], [A clip of Kate, Claire, Sawyer, and Miles’ expressions each in reaction to the plane lifting off. Or should I say, it is because you were Head of Security, GALEN: What I want, is for you to agree to a —. MILES: After all these years, I really didn’t expect they would mess with us again. He’s gone. Sawyer motions his arm ahead. The five castaways look warily, especially as Galen’s eyes shift towards Kate in particular. The thing slowly emerges: first it’s clear to us that it’s a human figure. WALT: So you’d rather just come to a dangerous island instead. Lapidus, Sawyer, Miles, and Richard proceed across the large open room to look out a wide window showing the tarmac in the distance outside. 45min. He then comes upon the case of guns — but it’s open. Kate breathes a sigh of relief, smiling. KATE: He was great with Aaron. A bit of mysterious, wondrous music faintly plays. Kate and Claire head forward, and look in through glass windows on either side of the shack’s door, trying to look into the dark little room, cautious of the possibility of anything jumping at them from inside. We see another hole in the ground several feet away from where Walt was laying. Kate and Claire are both taking heavy breaths, letting the fear in. As they’re still wandering through the storm, some of them still looking up at the powerline, there is a faint. Byung-Chun Han: Joey Yu. He breathes out a frustrated sigh. Ana-Lucia: Michelle Rodriguez. …Whatever that thing was, it’s not him. Ben points to the two straps around Miles’ shoulder. ( Log Out /  Dugan Groupie. She and Sawyer suddenly realize what it is, as the camera turns left for us to see, and the dramatic horn heightens and then abruptly stops: !! A musical horn blares dramatically with a primal horror as we see the stunned look of Kate’s terrified expression. MILES: We’re all in danger from the Foundation. Teen Wolf Season 7 Episode 2 Free online ( S7~E2 ) Teen Wolf Season 7 Episode 3. We are slowly paused on Kate’s alert face for a few moments more, as she stares for what’s coming in the trees, her posture ready to run if need be, but waiting to see what it is. Everything’s gonna be okay. Lapidus continues to fiddle with the radio, trying different signals, but still getting the same eerily strange scratching and whistling static, and a look of frustration and mystification across his face. Sawyer and Kate yell and leap to grab Walt by the arms, holding onto him as he is barely kept on the surface. Then we let it go! Assorted Analyses aims to write in-depth commentary on various subjects of artistic entertainment, with perspective informed by my faith. He is holding a rifle upright. CLAIRE: It doesn’t matter so much to me anymore. Something’s jamming the signal. Charlotte: Kylie Dragna. The music silences again. WALT: Have you seen my friend? Sawyer’s expression joins Lapidus’ in being mystified. For Aaron and me. Charlie: Dominic Monaghan. Kate then briefly pauses, and emphasizes: Frank Lapidus then emerges from the cockpit, still in his tattered pilot’s uniform, looking enthusiastically at his passengers: Claire, Kate, Richard Alpert, Miles Straume, and James “Sawyer” Ford, all looking worn, dirtied, and exhausted from their urgent escape from the island, and wondering what awaits their lives. KATE: I’m sorry we haven’t come to see you sooner. from the lightpost. Miles and Richard stand bewildered, looking at him wondering what his plan could be. Rain still storming, thunder still roaring, though Claire is calming down. © 2021 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The overall shape of the layout is reminiscent of four pizza slices. Rain still pouring around. This mechanical structure sitting upright, emitting a. through its glass every moment. WALT: For some reason… I feel like I would get better.

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