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Fratelli tutti says: "we, the believers of the different religions, know that our witness to God benefits our societies" and "We Christians ask that, in those countries where we are a minority, we be guaranteed freedom, even as we ourselves promote that freedom for non-Christians in … October 4, 2020. If someone has a problem, even a serious one, even if he brought it upon himself, the rest of the family comes to his assistance; they support him. For they have another way of looking at things; they see aspects of reality that are invisible to the centres of power where weighty decisions are made. (137), It is an act of charity to assist someone suffering, but it is also an act of charity, even if we do not know that person, to work to change the social conditions that caused his or her suffering. Saint John Paul II stated clearly and firmly that the death penalty is inadequate from a moral standpoint and no longer necessary from that of penal justice. Chapter Six: Dialogue and Friendship in Society. Cardinal Burke: "This is an opinion of Pope Francis as a man", Watch the replay of our panel discussion on Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis, Fake News, and Post-Truth Journalism, EWTN: The voice of opposition to the pope, My Catholic circle is trying to Stop the Steal, Pope Francis Calls for Healing after Extremist Attack at US Capitol. Ancient conflicts thought long buried are breaking out anew, while instances of a myopic, extremist, resentful and aggressive nationalism are on the rise. Authentic reconciliation does not flee from conflict, but is achieved in conflict, resolving it through dialogue and open, honest and patient negotiation. 263. We Christians ask that, in those countries where we are a minority, we be guaranteed freedom, even as we ourselves promote that freedom for non-Christians in places where they are a minority. (187), Dialogue is often confused with something quite different: the feverish exchange of opinions on social networks, frequently based on media information that is not always reliable. Where Peter Is © 2021. Hence they ought to be “agents in their own redemption”. Fratelli Tutti is the third of Pope Francis’ encyclicals—letters written by the pope that address the public on a wide variety of issues. That gaze is at the heart of the authentic spirit of politics. Saint John Chrysostom expressed this pointedly when he challenged his Christian hearers: “Do you wish to honour the body of the Saviour? Talking Points, Be sure to join us for our live “first look” at Fratelli Tutti (register here). Quotes from Chapter 1 • In this world that races ahead, yet lacks a shared roadmap, we increasingly sense that “the gap between concern for one’s personal well-being and the prosperity of the larger human family seems to be stretching to the point of complete division between individuals and human community (31). One fundamental human right must not be forgotten in the journey towards fraternity and peace. Paradoxically, those who claim to be unbelievers can sometimes put God’s will into practice better than believers. (47), The recent pandemic enabled us to recognise and appreciate once more all those around us who, in the midst of fear, responded by putting their lives on the line. It is available here on the Vatican website. Download the Fratelli Tutti study guide in English. All rights reserved. Email:, Copyright © 2021 . Yet even then, we can choose to cultivate kindness. Encyclicals (“letters”) are a common method for the Holy Father to … Marxists Love Fratelli Tutti Michael Warren Davis Bishop Heinz-Josef Algermissen recently published a letter claiming that, during an October 7 meeting with Pope Francis, the Holy Father expressed “dramatic concern” with the state of the German Church. In view of this, it is very difficult nowadays to invoke the rational criteria elaborated in earlier centuries to speak of the possibility of a “just war”. 74. This also means finding ways to include those on the peripheries of life. (118), We need to develop the awareness that nowadays we are either all saved together or no one is saved. Discover the key quotes you need to know in this blog. The longest text ever… Antipope Francis Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti on Fraternity and Social Friendship October 3, 2020. Other persons come to be viewed simply as obstacles to our own serene existence; we end up treating them as annoyances and we become increasingly aggressive. Persons or situations we find unpleasant or disagreeable are simply deleted in today’s virtual networks; a virtual circle is then created, isolating us from the real world in which we are living. This saying exists in variant forms in Southern Africa's bantu languages and translates as, "A person is a person through other persons" or ,"I am because we are." The highly-anticipated encyclical Fratelli Tutti was released today. Some people are born into economically stable families, receive a fine education, grow up well nourished, or naturally possess great talent. Next, Laudato Si’ (Praised Be) examines repairing the planet. (241), The firm rejection of the death penalty shows to what extent it is possible to recognise the inalienable dignity of every human being and to accept that he or she has a place in this universe. "Of the counsels Francis offered, I would like to select the one in which he calls for a love that transcends the barriers of geography and distance, and declares blessed all those who love their brother 'as much when he he is … Drama, drama…or maybe just translation misunderstanding? Today we state clearly that “the death penalty is inadmissible” and the Church is firmly committed to calling for its abolition worldwide. Read it Read the encyclical here: Fratelli tutti Learn about it Visit the Vatican's website focusing on the encyclical: Read the Vatican's infographics that concisely get to the heart of the pope's encyclical: Infographics Pope Francis 'Fratelli tutti' quotes “Globalized society makes us neighbors, but it does not make us brothers and sisters.” (65), The world exists for everyone, because all of us were born with the same dignity. Take a second to support Where Peter Is on Patreon! Migrants are not seen as entitled like others to participate in the life of society, and … Differences of colour, religion, talent, place of birth or residence, and so many others, cannot be used to justify the privileges of some over the rights of all. The politician, on the other hand, builds a bridge, and that too is an act of charity. In this craven exchange of charges and counter-charges, debate degenerates into a permanent state of disagreement and confrontation. If I do not deny that dignity to the worst of criminals, I will not deny it to anyone. Thus, room for dialogue will always exist. On the vigil of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the saint who influenced the choosing of Pope Francis’s papal name, Pope Francis released the encyclical Fratelli Tutti on fraternity and social friendship. Registered charity in England and Wales (No. Ultimately, “persons are no longer seen as a paramount value to be cared for and respected, especially when they are poor and disabled, ‘not yet useful’ – like the unborn, or ‘no longer needed’ – like the elderly. (200), Lack of dialogue means that in these individual sectors people are concerned not for the common good, but for the benefits of power or, at best, for ways to impose their own ideas… The heroes of the future will be those who can break with this unhealthy mindset and determine respectfully to promote truthfulness, aside from personal interest. In this study guide, we offer key points and quotes from each chapter of Fratelli Tutti, along with reflection questions and the two prayers that Pope Francis includes at the end of the encyclical. 15. I can welcome others who are different, and value the unique contribution they have to make, only if I am firmly rooted in my own people and culture. We began to realise that our lives are interwoven with and sustained by ordinary people valiantly shaping the decisive events of our shared history: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, storekeepers and supermarket workers, cleaning personnel, caretakers, transport workers, men and women working to provide essential services and public safety, volunteers, priests and religious… They understood that no one is saved alone. These exchanges are merely parallel monologues. In his new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis invites all people of goodwill to begin to imagine "a new vision of fraternity and social friendship. In today’s world, the sense of belonging to a single human family is fading, and the dream of working together for justice and peace seems an outdated utopia. FRATELLI TUTTI OF THE HOLY FATHER FRANCIS ON FRATERNITY AND SOCIAL FRIENDSHIP . Those who do so become stars shining in the midst of darkness. The highly-anticipated encyclical Fratelli Tutti was released today. The politician, on the other hand, builds a bridge, and that too is an act of charity. These are symptoms of an unhealthy society. With these words, Saint Francis of Assisi addressed his brothers and sisters and proposed to them a way of life marked by the flavour of the Gospel. There is yet another way to eliminate others, one aimed not at countries but at individuals. 172. Their only desire is to avoid problems; it does not matter that, through their fault, another person could die. A readiness to discard others finds expression in vicious attitudes that we thought long past, such as racism, which retreats underground only to keep reemerging. 258. What reigns instead is a cool, comfortable and globalized indifference, born of deep disillusionment concealed behind a deceptive illusion: thinking that we are all-powerful, while failing to realize that we are all in the same boat. 143. 244. If someone helps an elderly person cross a river, that is a fine act of charity. He is the founding managing editor for Where Peter Is. (269), We Christians ask that, in those countries where we are a minority, we be guaranteed freedom, even as we ourselves promote that freedom for non-Christians in places where they are a minority. This is even more the case in times of crisis, catastrophe and hardship, when we are tempted to think in terms of the old saying, “every man for himself”. (Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory issued this statement on Pope Francis's new encyclical Fratelli Tutti on Oct. 4, 2020.) With “Fratelli Tutti” Francis has moved opposition to the death penalty into the foreground of Catholic social teaching, completing the church’s long journey of mercy and reconciliation. Tags: EncyclicalFratelli Tuttifraternityquotes. (33), Migrants are not seen as entitled like others to participate in the life of society, and it is forgotten that they possess the same intrinsic dignity as any person… No one will ever openly deny that they are human beings, yet in practice, by our decisions and the way we treat them, we can show that we consider them less worthy, less important, less human. The first is a generic "Prayer to the Creator" that invokes God as "Father of our human family" but does not name Jesus or the Holy Trinity. I will give everyone the possibility of sharing this planet with me, despite all our differences. On 12th October 2020 by CTS Staff, Catholic Truth Society, 42-46 Harleyford Road, London SE11 5AY. It will be from 5-7 pm Eastern. We can no longer think of war as a solution, because its risks will probably always be greater than its supposed benefits. A society that seeks prosperity but turns its back on suffering. On the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis released his encyclical about the human family, our belonging to each other and our need for each other. The truth is that violence has no basis in our fundamental religious convictions, but only in their distortion. It is a very wide-ranging document, touching on many themes. It’s difficult to do the entire thing justice, but here are some quotes on different issues that stood out to me. All these are signs of an approach to life that is spreading in various and subtle ways. Fratelli Tutti concludes with two prayers. 1 Instead, it is written for “all people of goodwill, regardless of their religious convictions .” 2. A direct encounter even with the fringes of reality can thus prove intolerable. We believers are challenged to return to our sources, in order to concentrate on what is essential: worship of God and love for our neighbour, lest some of our teachings, taken out of context, end up feeding forms of contempt, hatred, xenophobia or negation of others. It will be from 5-7 pm Eastern. Be sure to join us for our live “first look” at Fratelli Tutti (register here). 30. . The guarantee of an authentic openness to God, on the other hand, is a way of practising the faith that helps open our hearts to our brothers and sisters. Mike Lewis is a writer and graphic designer from Maryland, having worked for many years in Catholic publishing. Tel: 020 7640 0042 It is the death penalty. Yet the same rule clearly does not apply to a disabled person, to someone born in dire poverty, to those lacking a good education and with little access to adequate health care. In fact, most of Fratelli Tutti’s citations refer to previous addresses or writings by the current pope, and several of its 288 paragraphs are mostly or entirely block quotes from these sources. First, because contrary to tradition, it is not addressed to the Catholic bishops, clergy, or faithful. (203), Is not the indifference and the heartless individualism into which we have fallen also a result of our sloth in pursuing higher values, values that transcend our immediate needs? - Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship is the last installment in a trilogy of writings by Pope Francis. The new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti (hereafter FT), is an atypical papal document. Still, such an authority ought at least to promote more effective world organizations, equipped with the power to provide for the global common good, the elimination of hunger and poverty and the sure defence of fundamental human rights. If someone helps an elderly person cross a river, that is a fine act of charity. George? This does not result in an ethical rigidity nor does it lead to the imposition of any one moral system, since fundamental and universally valid moral principles can be embodied in different practical rules. *UPDATED* Does Cardinal Burke think Francis is an antipope? 11. All Rights Reserved. When we talk about the possibility of some form of world authority regulated by law, we need not necessarily think of a personal authority. Vatican News. If a society is governed primarily by the criteria of market freedom and efficiency, there is no place for such persons, and fraternity will remain just another vague ideal. It makes us uneasy, since we have no time to waste on other people’s problems. We have grown indifferent to all kinds of wastefulness, starting with the waste of food, which is deplorable in the extreme”. The Vatican’s endless text factory has just released another monster of a document: Jorge Bergoglio (a.k.a. Migrants are not seen as entitled like others to participate in the life of society, and it is forgotten that they possess the same intrinsic dignity as any person. People hit someone with their car and then flee the scene. Liked this post? Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. In the first chapter, Pope Francis outlines some trends in the … (279). Arguing online is not dialogue: “Dialogue is often … Conflict between different groups “if it abstains from enmities and mutual hatred, gradually changes into an honest discussion of differences founded on a desire for justice”. 1. Dark Clouds Over a Closed World. One fundamental human right must not be forgotten in the journey towards fraternity and peace. Do not honour it in church with silk vestments while outside it is naked and numb with cold”. (202), Public discussion, if it truly makes room for everyone and does not manipulate or conceal information, is a constant stimulus to a better grasp of the truth, or at least its more effective expression. (39), Today, however, everything can be created, disguised and altered. What is more, caught up as we are with our own needs, the sight of a person who is suffering disturbs us.

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