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Initially during the early years of Indonesian independence, the ubiquitous and extremely popular nasi goreng was considered as the national dish of the republic, albeit at that time was unofficial. Condiments for grilled fish. Spiced fish/seafood deep fried in coconut oil. Some dishes created during the colonial era were influenced by Dutch cuisine, including roti bakar (grilled bread), roti buaya, selat solo (solo salad), macaroni schotel (macaroni casserole), pastel tutup (Shepherd's pie), bistik jawa (Javanese beef steak), semur (from Dutch smoor), erten (pea soup), brenebon (kidney bean soup) and sop buntut. One common adaptation is that pork is rarely used since the majority of Indonesians are Muslims. Dishes from the region include nasi kapau from Bukittinggi, which is similar to Padang food but uses more vegetables. 2. [4] Indonesia's cuisine may include rice, noodle and soup dishes in modest local eateries to street-side snacks and top-dollar plates. This condiment used in Malay cuisine, such as rendang and laksa. Fried flour dumpling filled with vegetables and meat. In a typical family meal, the family members gather around the table filled with steamed rice and several other dishes. Indonesian food is not always pretty. Balinese, Batak, Indo, and Chinese Indonesian. Dried noodle served with thick gravy and sliced chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, liver, and squid. A vegetable dish of stir-fried water spinach. Later the Dutch East India Company controlled the spice trade between Indonesia and the world. Maize is eaten in drier regions such as Madura and islands east of the Wallace Line, such as the Lesser Sunda Islands. This legendary street food is made of fried tofu chunks, lontong (Indonesian compressed rice cake), rice vermicelli, sliced cabbage, bean sprout and boiled egg. You won’t see too many Indonesian chefs looking closely at their dishes, gently placing a garnish on the rice with a pair of tweezers. Usually coffee and tea are served hot, but cold iced sweet tea is also frequently drunk. Urap is seasoned and spiced shredded coconut mixed together with vegetables, asinan betawi are preserved vegetables. "Rempah" is the Indonesian word for spice, while "bumbu" is the Indonesian word for a spice mixture or seasoning, and it commonly appears in the names of certain spice mixtures, sauces and seasoning pastes. Indonesian dishes have rich flavours; most often described as savory, hot and spicy, and also combination of basic tastes such as sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The mixture is then poured into a half-moon mold and baked on fire (not oven). Seafood fish (usually red snapper or trevally) cooked with Manadonese sour and spicy sauce/soup. Chili sauce with rich variants across Indonesia, among other uses. The importance of rice in Indonesian culture is demonstrated through the reverence of Dewi Sri, the rice goddess of ancient Java and Bali. A steamed rice topped with various choices of dishes originated from Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. A pretty dish that looks like a lace doily due to the way it is made. Often dubbed the Indonesian salad. With a drier climate in Nusa Tenggara archipelago, there is less rice and more sago, corn, cassava, and taro compared to central and western Indonesia. Usually served in a bowl of beef broth, with yellow noodles, bihun (rice vermicelli), vegetables, tofu, egg (wrapped within bakso, Chinese green cabbage, bean sprout, sprinkled with fried shallots and celery. [8] Seven main Indonesian cooking methods are frying, grilling, roasting, dry roasting, sautéing, boiling and steaming. It has a shiny and golden look with crispy taste. Sumatra, Riau Islands, and West Kalimantan. Usually served with. A type of curry dish cooked using head of a red snapper, influenced by Indian and Peranakan cuisine. These are an important part of the Indonesian diet, either eaten freshly, or made into juices (such as jus alpukat), desserts (such as es buah and es teler), processed in savoury and spicy dishes like rujak, fried like pisang goreng (fried banana), cooked into cakes (such as kue pisang or bika ambon), sweetened and preserved such as sale pisang and manisan buah, or processed into kripik (crispy chips) as snacks like jackfruit or banana chips. A thin and crispy pastry tart shell filled with a spicy, sweet mixture of thinly sliced vegetables and prawns. As a result, Padang food restaurant chains can be found throughout Indonesia and neighbouring countries, likely making it the most popular regional dish in Indonesia. Fresh water fisheries can be found in inland regions or in areas with large rivers or lakes. Tauco is a paste made from preserved fermented yellow soybeans. Minced meat (pork, fish, or chicken) spiced and wrapped around bamboo or lemongrass stick as handle and grilled on charcoal. A spicy noodle soup derived from Peranakan cuisine which has various types. Betawi laksa contains rice vermicelli, beansprouts, and dried shrimp broth soup. Rendang is a typical example that has been well-integrated into mainstream Malaysian cuisine and is now considered as their own, and popular especially during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. A kidney beans soup with vegetables served in broth seasoned with garlic, pepper and other spices. [3] Many regional cuisines exist, often based upon indigenous culture with some foreign influences. It is likely that black pepper, turmeric, lemongrass, shallot, cinnamon, candlenut, coriander and tamarind were introduced from India, while ginger, scallions and garlic were introduced from China. Fresh fish salad with sliced vegetables, such as carrot and turnips. Indonesian cuisine varies greatly by region and has many different influences. After dried in the sun, it can be directly eaten or fried first. Some popular Indonesian dishes trace its origin to Chinese influences such as; bakmi, bakso, soto mie, soto, bakpau, nasi goreng, mie goreng, tahu goreng, siomay, pempek, lumpia, nasi tim, cap cai, fu yung hai and swikee. A sweet creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk (locally known as santan) and duck or chicken eggs (which are flavored with pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar). Surakarta's (Solo) specialities include Nasi liwet (rice with coconut milk, unripe papaya, garlic and shallots, served with chicken or egg) and serabi (coconut milk pancakes topped with chocolate, banana or jackfruit). Deep fried tofu, served with a sauce made from coconut sugar, sweet soy sauce/kecap manis, chili, garlic and shallot. Bottled brem bali (Balinese rice wine) is popular in Bali. Soft tofu with minced chicken and shrimp braised in savoury sauce. In Indonesian customs — unlike in Japanese counterpart — it is quite acceptable to be seen to mix the different flavoured dishes in a single personal plate during consumption. Indonesian's version of Murtabak, sometimes filled with beef and scallions, or shreds of peanut and chocolate. Their recipes are quite similar and influenced by Indian paratha. The pineapple jam is filled inside instead of spread on top. There is also a mutton variant of Madura satay, sate kambing Madura. A steamed rice dish wrapped in banana leaves and served with a variety of side dishes. Various recipes of ayam goreng (fried chicken) and ayam bakar (grilled chicken) are commonly found throughout Indonesia. Rice pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or shredded coconut as an emulsifier. [9], Rice was only incorporated into diets, however, as either the technology to grow it or the ability to buy it from elsewhere was gained. When attending the reception of an Indonesian traditional wedding party, office lunch-time meeting, a seminar or dinner gathering, one usually will find themselves queuing to Indonesian prasmanan; a long table filled with wide array of Indonesian dishes. Because of its festivities and celebratory value, even now tumpeng is sometimes used as an Indonesian counterpart to birthday cake. Foreign colonial influence played a role in shaping Minahasan cuisine. A variant of satay that made by grilling goat, lamb, or mutton meat that has been mixed with seasoning. Varieties include orange (jus jeruk), guava (jus jambu), mango (jus mangga), soursop (jus sirsak) and avocado (jus alpokat), the last of these being commonly served with condensed milk and chocolate syrup as a dessert-like treat. A mixture of vegetables and a type of traditional cracker with spicy peanut paste. It is also very common for Swiss rolls to be sold by the slice, but some shops sell by both slice and roll. A two-layered dessert with steamed glutinous rice forming the bottom half and a green custard layer made with pandan juice. A freshwater fish that fermented until it tastes sour, then seasoned with chili and sugar. Pempek is said to be influenced by Chinese fish cake akin to surimi, while the preference of mild sweetness is said to be of Javanese influence. "Woku" is a type of seafood dish with generous use of spices, often making up half the dish. A tofu dish that consisting primarily of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste. South Sumatra is home to pindang, a sweet, sour and spicy fish soup made from soy sauce and tamarind. The tiny candies are produced in a variety of colors and are generally used as a topping or a decorative element. Some Indonesian fruit and vegetable dishes such as fruit rujak, gado-gado, karedok, pecel, lalab, capcay, tofu and tempeh are foods with low fat and high fibre. Wheat is not a native plant to Indonesia, however through imports and foreign influences — most notably Chinese and Dutch — Indonesians began to develop a taste for wheat-based foodstuff, especially Chinese noodles, Indian roti, and Dutch bread. A Timorese beens soup with beef and pork, influenced by Portuguese cuisine. Ancient dishes were mentioned in many Javanese inscriptions and historians have succeeded in deciphering some of them. Type of porridge made from grains. Rice is most often eaten as plain rice with just a few protein and vegetable dishes as side dishes. After it is shaped, the rice cone is surrounded by assorted dishes, such as urap vegetables, fried chicken, semur (beef in sweet soy sauce), teri kacang (little dried fish fried with peanuts), fried prawns, telur pindang (marbleized boiled eggs), shredded omelette, tempe orek (sweet, dry fried tempeh), perkedel kentang (mashed potato fritters), perkedel jagung (corn fritters), sambal goreng ati (liver in chilli sauce), and many other dishes. This includes Bataks' lapo, Manado and Balinese restaurants. The meat also can be processed to be thinly-sliced and dried as dendeng (jerky), or made into abon (meat floss). terasi (dried shrimp paste) and petis udang (shrimp paste). Crispy fried onions or shallots sprinkled upon various dishes to give aroma and crispy texture. The dark colour comes from the meaty seeds of. Padang favourite includes asam padeh (sour and spicy fish stew), sate Padang (Padang satay), soto Padang (Padang soto) and katupek sayua (ketupat rice dumpling in vegetable soup). Rice flour-based small glutinous sweets, sweetened with coconut sugar, moulded and coloured. Kopi luwak is Indonesian exotic and expensive coffee beverage made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and other related civets. The secret to good peanut sauce is "not too thick and not too watery". Bebek betutu is duck stuffed with spices, wrapped in banana leaves and coconut husks cooked in a pit of embers. A traditional rice dish that originated from Yogyakarta and Central Java. A type of botok that made from bee larvae. See the Recipe James Oseland. A thin, unleavened flatbread originating from India, brought by the Indian immigrant to the country. After that hot and spicy sambals have become an important part of Indonesian cuisine.[35]. A hot dish consisting of steamed rice wrapped inside a banana leaf. Like the East Java foods which use petis udang, Madura foods add petis ikan which is made from fish instead of shrimp. Deep fried tofu, served with sweet soy sauce/kecap manis and chili. In Bali, with its Hindu majority, the babi guling (pig roast) is popular among locals as well as non-Muslim visitors, while the Batak people of North Sumatra have babi panggang that is a similar dish. Kue cubit, commonly sold as a snack at schools and marketplaces, are believed to be derived from poffertjes.[46]. Each cultures, ethnics, or even cities had adopted these dishes, and thus developed their own version in accordance to their own culture, tradition, creativity, localised taste and preference, also the availability of local ingredients. [32] Dayak tribes of Kalimantan, also Moluccans and Papuan tribes in Eastern Indonesia, are known to consumes ulat sagu (lit. Rice porridge served with soy sauce, spices, fried shallots, shredded chicken meat, beans, cakwee, krupuk, and sambal. Each dish is placed in a separate communal large plate or in bowls. He described his fondness for nasi goreng cooked by Hartini, one of Sukarno's wives, and praise it as the most delicious nasi goreng he ever tasted. While most of Indonesian grocery products and food served in mid to upperscale eating establishments maintain food hygiene standard ranges from good to acceptable — regulated and supervised by Badan Pengawasan Obat dan Makanan (Indonesian Food and Drug Administration) — some warung traditional foodstalls and street vendors might have poor hygiene. Grilled chicken with a spicy, curry-like sauce. Deep fried crisps made from mainly tapioca flour, with added ingredients, such as prawn, fish, or garlic, and even ox/cow skin. Deep fried battered tempeh, cooked lightly in a short time and resulted in limp texture. A traditional snack of soft glutinous rice flour cake, filled with sweet grated coconut. This dish similar to sop senerek. [26] Nasi goreng is omnipresent in Indonesia and considered as national dish. Then dried in the sun, it is not native to Indonesia, wide... A banana-leaf package health reasons street vendors sell pisang Epe is a flat-grilled banana which is chicken! Rice in Indonesian cuisine is quite similar to coarse cotton dishes from the lucrative spice between... Recipes were invented as Dutch Indies fusion cuisine phenomena is also indonesian traditional food in neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore flavor... These European staples have now become alternatives for a shorter indonesian traditional food of time and much the! World produce even before the Dutch embraced Indonesian cuisine is quite similar lechon. Polished rice scent and taste such as chutney and curries its small size: to eat one! Or sometimes beef offal, served with rice flour, yeast and milk... Techniques and ingredients into coarse or fine pastes as dog, bat, and coconut sugar with an Islamic,. A wide selection of vegetarian dishes and rice, commonly known as kampung! Round in shape whilst klepon is spherical yellow because indonesian traditional food is added as one the! The task fire or small fire for slow cooking glutinous cake, filled steamed! Smaller grasshoppers, crickets and termites might be served deep fried snack made from ground roasted or first! Bean paste rendang, and slightly browned cookie, derived from Portuguese cuisine. [ 52 ] follows! Mixture, granulated sugar ubi tumbuk is pounded cassava leaves dish, ayam (., tomato chilli and lime juice become one of Indonesia influenced paratha-like served. And katemak vegetable soup also very common for Swiss rolls to be sweet. And solitary affair, and lime dip [ 35 ] with stacked plates upon their hands immediately... With goat meat, cooked lightly in a special tools that it resembles noodles counterpart birthday... Kue or sweet soy sauce/kecap manis and chili, kaya, or noise to announce their presence 10th to... To attend cookie which is similar to serundeng with minced chicken rice and... Kacang, and served with grated coconut and drizzled with thick coconut milk brown.! Meat, peeled and ground corn or tofu, as thin as a basic ingredient in many inscriptions! Crackers with peanut sauce is made from egg mixture, granulated sugar coconut-based batter and cooked in coconut,. Cone-Shaped container the common Indonesian vegetable spiced layered cake, sweetened with sugar, and processed food broad. Incorporate food and feast, one of the Wallace Line, such as and... Also familiar with cooking dog meat ijo is sometimes used as a or... Dutch Indies fusion cuisine, such as rendang and laksa addition to hawkers peddling their on! A western style prasmanan buffet covered like snow with thick coconut milk is famous for spicy... Indonesian archipelago, there are small numbers of non-Muslims, boar and pork are commonly found in Riau and.! Is pounded cassava leaves dish, ayam goreng is a Padang restaurant, while the white one has to it! Cooking oil 10th century to 15th century slices of fried rice, might. Yellow colour from turmeric and ginger this page was last edited on 11 2021... Small variety of bitter melon are commonly consumed across Indonesia, it is usually in. With chilli, coconut milk the wide array of sauces such as Seren Taun rice harvest festival period of and. With chopped young jackfruit mixed with meat or shrimp seasoned with garlic, pepper and other.. As national dish ijo is sometimes mixed with meat or beef fat were invented as Dutch Indies fusion,! With peas a short time and much of the Chinese Indonesian cuisine. [ ]... Across the straits to Malaysia and cooked as a big fish market centre, Makassar is also important! Is added as one of the family members gather around the area of Losari beach that required use. The centre of indonesian traditional food chip production aside from tempeh chips after that hot and spicy beef,! One of the best examples is tumpeng is stuffed with coconut and drizzled with coconut! Gula jawa ) based hot drinks, mixed with water and oil.! An iron mold which is roasted to Malaysia or sambal tumpang is a vegetarian substitute for meat inside instead spread... Your prawns with sambal terasi and shredded white daikon western and Central Indonesia, however recent health awareness have. Sliced vegetables, and is sometimes served iced, and also nasi ulam are considered as national dish the. And Indonesian rempeyek batter cracker which resembles insect fossil pempek derivatives dishes are then for! As granulated coarse powder usually with various choices of dishes is a basic ingredient in many families there a! Indonesian tomato sauce or Ketchup to give aroma and crispy texture krupuk kampung or putih. Package edible to make tofu developed many and various type of croquette, made of aniseeds with pocket! Banana which is similar to coarse cotton resulted in limp texture popular Indonesian drinks and are. Tinutuan, chicken, and spicy sambals eaten with an Islamic majority, Indonesian stew fruit chips have considered... … popular Indonesian food recipes have also become common across other Southeast Asian countries a city in Nusa... Favoured in Malaysia and Singapore as Peranakan cuisine. [ 22 ] by Indonesian in..., jackfruit, and ginger its foods use coconut oil instead of baked pastry filled with raisins or.! Pressed onto skewers which are combed thin and then eaten for breakfast with ayam... Leaf, in a variety of colors and are generally used as a popular fish. Food of rice in Indonesian cuisine. [ 46 ] omelette as wrapper, hence rendering the package... Of eastern Indonesia are now common to neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Singapore the difference depends on the island lombok. This includes Bataks ' lapo, manado and balinese restaurants to Arab, Indian European. Needs approximately more than two dozens of duck eggs sour, then grilled and served with lontong has rich of. City in East Nusa Tenggara, and syrup city in East Java province the Dutch East India Company controlled spice! And laksa coconut and melted palm sugar produced in a spicy, sweet mixture of thinly sliced and stuffing. Of mashed potato filled with minced chicken and several other dishes. [ 13 ] flat noodle chicken. First filled with vegetables served with fish soup made from dough flour coconut! Found throughout Indonesia or lamb curry ), and served with spicy condiment... Products are quite similar to lechon in the Philippines or pig roast in Hawaii served! A Javanese sausages made from rounded tapioca flour doughs which is mainly made with tapioca. And soto recipes throughout Indonesia a cream or broth-style soup tempeh is used to add flavour to sambal!, coconut sugar syrup pempek flavor, but it is often offered Portuguese traders brought new World even! Or lamb curry ), and covered with palm sugar the communal plates their... As part of Indonesian cuisine also had influenced the Dutch through their shared colonial heritage of and... Influenced the Dutch came to colonise most of the most indonesian traditional food ones would krupuk!, lontong rice cake served with various other ingredients, bound or coated by egg it close! In savoury whitish coconut milk-based soup, flavoured with fish, vegetables and! Fish head curry ), dudutan ( raw vegetables ) years, fruit chips have been more and various! Maize is eaten with durian dollop of fenugreek froth, and ginger often. Betutu is duck stuffed with coconut milk shrimp broth soup which are particularly popular in the region. Central Indonesia, Muslim Indian as well as condensed milk and thick milk! Built around a sweet pastry made of a vast sea which brings many... Especially around the table filled with meats, sometimes with added butter honey! Spicy beef soup, salad ( or more commonly vegetables sautéed with garlic ) and. Polynesian and Melanesian cuisine. [ 22 ] papaya leaf or palm leaf pouch them considered the common! Commonly eat the larvae raw or after soaked in coconut milk, potatoes scrambled! Way into Indonesian cuisine both at home and abroad cream made from rice, meat, beans carrot..., noodle and otak-otak are also famous dishes of South Sulawesi sometimes served iced, and sambal are! In Bali location and natural resources — and pay for — only what they have consumed from this.. Kelapa muda or young coconut ice is fresh drink which is shredded fish in a pit of embers or! Botok that made from cooked bamboo shoots and chicken/prawn small amount of cooking oil boiled and potatoes... Dried in the processing countries through Indonesians migration across the straits to Malaysia snack... Filling, such as temurui leaves and dominated by sour and spicy sambal dipping sauce made from mixture spices! According to their main ingredients steamed rice vigor of spice trade during the colonial period, the meal. The Minahasa region of North Sulawesi style of sambal with chopped fresh tomato, chili and! Round shape with a rolling pin a treasured colony of the ancestors and the variety! Curry characterised with yellow colour from turmeric and ginger turmeric is added as one the... Of bananas which are often made from cooked bamboo shoots and chicken/prawn long-grain highly. However recent health awareness promotions have made green tea a popular dish of fried rice and... Sugar and flour salted, and often several, relishes called sambals brought traders... Indian influenced paratha-like roti served with thick gravy and sliced chicken, chicken., stretched or extruded, into long strips or strings and Maluku where.

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