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Combined franchises. By the late ’90s, though, the industry’s momentum caught up to it. I think also it had something to do with the fact that [former Mega Man producer Keiji] Inafune became the most prestigious producer in the company, and it was under his direction that the company focused more on console games like Resident Evil and Mega Man. If you compared Capcom to Sega, Namco, and Taito, we were smaller than them, and they had other related businesses. And on the Capcom side, there was Capcom vs. SNK, which was the fighting game. I think [the SNK characters] played better [than they had in previous games], if you can say that, right? At the time, it felt like the only way we could ever top this would be if we made a truly Olympic-scale fighting game ... something crazy like Sega versus Namco versus SNK versus Capcom. And then you had the emergence of new games like Monster Hunter, Auto Modellista, Devil May Cry 2, the JoJo games, and Resident Evil Outbreak. Before we started talking with SNK about a project, Tanabe, [planner Hideaki] Itsuno, and I had started hanging out together. But before departing, he left behind a parting gift — one that neatly tied a bow on his past decade. [36][37][38] While the game is virtually identical across all four consoles, the GameCube version received lower review scores due to the native control scheme of the GameCube controller, not designed for traditional fighting games. Characters are provided with a 3 bar system for executing special attacks on vary… I also acknowledged that you can't expect a genre to continue on in the same way forever, right? D&D Beyond Hugo (Snk vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos attire) 8. Something like that. It proceeded more gradually, step by step. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. [...]. Shortly after we finished Capcom vs. SNK 2, we started working on a 3D version of Capcom vs. SNK 3 for the PS2. So yeah, we got the sense that the times were changing. I actually had never played an SNK game before, so I had no knowledge about anything, or even the names of the characters in the game, so I had to do a lot of research for that. Both earned critical acclaim and fleshed out the portable console’s library to help it compete with that of Nintendo’s Game Boy, though some players wondered why SNK didn’t initially produce an arcade fighting game. SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium pits tiny versions of Capcom's and SNK's greatest warriors against each other in a variety of modes such as Street Fighter's 1-on-1, Marvel vs. series' 2-player tag teams, and KOF's 3-on-3 teams. ], Hideaki Itsuno(Capcom vs. SNK 2 director, Capcom Japan). Akira Yasuda(Street Fighter series illustrator, Capcom Japan). [...] I think you could say they'd put the past behind them. SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos primarily utilizes the command system of The King of Fighters series, incorporating light/strong kicks, punches, cancels, and charging attacks. If the player wins, they comment on their strength before challenging their true rival (the other boss), as a large explosion occurs. For our part, as a team, we hadn't yet proven ourselves or accomplished anything, so there was a sense of anxiety about how well we'd fit in and what we'd be able to achieve there. I always thought it was crazy that these two rivals were actually working together. At this point, we had all kind of just given up on hoping for more quality Capcom fighting games, really. Strength are altered accordingly based on the number of players. The mid-2000s marked the end of an era for Capcom fighting games. Cammy (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior attire) 6. It continued to port existing titles to consoles, and snuck out a couple of new games with Hyper Street Fighter 2 and Capcom Fighting Jam — both built to capitalize on existing games and assets — but the genre was on borrowed time. There was more of a shift that was like, We should spread ourselves out and test the waters elsewhere. Capcom vs. SNK: Fate of the Multiverse, oyununda Capcom, SNK, Marvel, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Breakers Revenge, World Heroes, Last Blade, Samurai Shadown, Red Earth, Darkstalkers, Slammasters, Rival Schools, Vampire Savior, Resident Evil, Meelty Blood ve daha ismini yazamadığım bir çok platformdan toplam 114 … Depending on the player's Groove, one of two scenes play. As SNK went through changes in the early 2000s, its employees spread throughout the industry. Gameplay e download no blog de Marvel vs. Capcom vs. SNK 2018 (Compilação by Thiago Cardoso), feito com base na engine M.U.G.E.N. When I heard Capcom and SNK would be collaborating, it felt like, Ah! I mean, everybody saw the footage of Capcom Fighting All-Stars, and it was kind of — even though it was their first official attempt to go 3D [as an internally developed game using Street Fighter characters] — a lot of people looked at it and [were disappointed]. [...] For the most part, it felt like the SNK characters were put into a Street Fighter game. We used to do these Capcom vs. SNK drinking parties together. The Street Fighter Alpha series had been going on for awhile and everyone was bored of that — and it didn't sell very well either — so I think this felt like the moment to try something new, and go after a new challenge. Namco x Capcom. And on top that, you had Resident Evil selling incredibly well; it was a huge success, and so it was a combination of, here's a nonfighting game that's incredibly successful, and then you have the arcade environment shrinking — there's not as much demand for it — all of that combined kind of created this shift. Each player designates prior to the match which groove his or her team will use. There was a lot going on there. I think it was those conversations which sparked the idea to create a game with licensed characters from both Capcom and SNK. So the team ended up making a build of the game with Ryu and Ken in it. We did this on the development hardware, so of course it was never on a physical cartridge. They were major arcade game makers, but we were pretty much just a video game company at that point. To some degree, you can't tell the arcade story without talking about what else was going on at Capcom, and there was a lot of experimentation. In many ways it was like a dream game for me. Toyohisa Tanabe(Capcom Fighting All-Stars director, Capcom Japan), Basically what happened was, around the year 2000, SNK encountered financial losses, and there was a time when it became a subsidiary of [a pachinko company named] Aruze. In Japan, Game Machine listed Capcom vs. SNK 2 on their September 15, 2001 issue as being the second most-successful arcade game of the year. Even then, nobody seemed like they were really hype about it. Aspects of the first game were tweaked, including the Ratio system. But as someone who had experienced the energy and excitement of the fighting game boom firsthand, which players of all skill levels took part in, I did think it was a bit sad that it was finally winding down. And in the late ’90s, he hatched an idea to bring his franchises together: What if the two companies put all this history to good use? But in terms of the feelings that I experienced at the time, with fighting games slowly winding down, I wondered, would the game industry itself begin to change over time? tournaments. Often friendly. Sega Dreamcast » Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Sony Playstation » Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Europe) Sony Playstation 2 » Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Mark of the Millennium 2001 Sony Playstation 2 » Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Mark of the Millennium 2001 (Europe) Sony Playstation 2 » Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Japan) MAME » Capcom Vs. In the decade-plus since then, Capcom has produced fighting games at a measured pace and primarily focused on known quantities: mainline Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom entries, and ports of old games. For me personally, it previously felt kind of difficult to approach people at Capcom, but thanks to that collaboration, I got to know the people there. When Street Fighter director Takashi Nishiyama left Capcom for SNK in the late ’80s, he set in motion a series of events that built the fighting game genre and gave a much-needed jolt to the amusement industry. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars; Also see SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, a Card Battle Game series which acted as a precursor to the above-listed fighters. Partly due to my own inexperience, in the end, even though our staff did their best, the game never made it to release. It was refreshing to see the characters look so cool. SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium was originally released back in late 1999 on the NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld system. Matt Atwood(Capcom vs. SNK public relations manager, Capcom USA). Something similar had happened before with shooting games, which became more and more difficult to the point that only advanced players could enjoy them. It just so happens it's never been selected. So the 20 of us joined Capcom as a single team. For example, a team of three fighters will be weaker and have less individual health than a one-man team. I think that kind of contributed to the whole feeling that Capcom wasn't really going to make a lot of quality fighting games at that point in time, and people were just kind of resigned to say, "Yeah, OK, whatever." So we ended up going to Aruze, but after about a year, Aruze decided that they were going to abandon video game development. [...]. I had heard of King of Fighters, and just from the title, I had my own impression of what kind of game it would be. Let's make this game popular, you know? Man, the SNK characters [looked] awesome. So, unable to see any future with Aruze, I ended up transferring to Capcom thanks to the help of a number of people around me. The Neo Geo had all these different fighting games, you know, so wouldn't it be great if you mixed all their strengths together in one single game? And really, SNK was really starting to slide. Compared to previous games, CvS1 did offer a big cast and a lot of system choices, but most of the options presented were just bad choices. [Capcom vs. SNK] definitely felt like it was more Street Fighter [than King of Fighters], because even though there was the SNK groove, it wasn't very good. While he didn’t directly participate much in the back-and-forth, he couldn’t help but notice it. The GameCube and Xbox received an updated version titled Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO, with "EO" standing for "Easy Operation", referring to a game option intended for novices to the game. We put in Dragon Ball characters, like Son Goku, as well. I don't know if I would use the word "disappointed" to describe that generational change. I think SNK felt comfortable putting these characters in the hands of the Capcom designers. By the time it canceled Capcom Fighting All-Stars in 2003, Capcom had been slowing its fighting game output for years, dropping its custom CPS-3 hardware, canceling games such as a fourth entry in the Street Fighter 3 series, and pulling resources away from its arcade division. [...]. CvS1 was not a bad game, but its slow, low-stakes style created a black hole where hype went to die. I can't deny that there was some of that feeling [of it being a bit strange]. This has led to criticism of Capcom's art department. Evil that was like, Oh my god, this is really different and we have the ability to create [things that are] so stylish and so different. [45] In 2012, Lucas Sullivan of GamesRadar included it among the little-known classic fighting games that deserve HD remakes, adding that "every fighting game fan needs to play CvS2 at least once". All the arcade developers were told to join the profitable console lines — games like Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Mega Man. I wasn't sad at all. I was so happy that it was six buttons, and the graphics were so good. Shinichiro Obata(Street Fighter 3 planner, Capcom Japan). Key figures like Okamoto and Funamizu left Capcom and started their own studios. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 producer, Ryota Niitsuma, is no longer with Capcom. I just don't recall anyone seeing Capcom Fighting Jam and being like, Oh my god, I can't wait to go to the arcade and try this out, and all that stuff. So I thought they blended in well, and I thought [the developers] found a nice middle ground between matching Street Fighter and the SNK stuff. It was like building up a new business, and we had to figure out precisely who would do what. It was the game fans expected from the Capcom/SNK collaboration, with a few caveats. Rooted in executive frustration yet resembling a playground flirtation, the rivalry between Capcom and SNK played out in many forms throughout the ’80s and ’90s. Please play this game because it's so good. So no, I wouldn't say that it was hard to blend together or anything. Free shipping for many products! It was originally released on NAOMI hardware in arcades. The following news coverage depicts Osaka being rebuilt, the critical reception to the tournament, and the (text-only) fates of the champions. At the time, it's not as if SNK and Capcom never talked to each other or anything, but I had the impression that there was some bad blood between the two. So I told Okamoto to convince Tsujimoto to make that happen. And it did provide some hints to the company's direction, in a number of different ways. And that game, well, I can't really talk about too much, but ... that's how Capcom Fighting All-Stars' development began. The PS2 version was later released on PlayStation Network in July 2013.[1]. The Marvel vs. Capcom series is a series of fighting games created by Capcom that contain characters from both Marvel Comics and Capcom.. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. ... Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Planning Director on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, announced that he was leaving the company to work at SNK. When [Capcom vs. SNK 2] came out, that to me felt like this was the next great Street Fighter game, because they added all the grooves. Aside from drinking, you know the card game Yu-Gi-Oh!, right? Ryu (Street Fighter III attire) 2. And it was really just cool to see these two companies that had this rivalry finally coming together and making a game like this. SNK failed to find the same level of success outside of fighting games, trying its hand at a CD version of its Neo Geo home console, new 3D arcade hardware, and a Neo Geo Pocket series of portable game machines. Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival. Privately, many spoke of a feud between Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto and SNK founder Eikichi Kawasaki, while publicly, fans saw the companies trying to top one another while constantly referencing each other in their games. Instead the player can select up to three characters in a team and give an amount or ratio (up to four) to each as desired. Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO is the same game but with minor changes in gameplay and the inclusion of an EO ("Easy Operation") system that allows the player to perform specific attacks by simply moving the right analog stick in a certain direction. AllGame gave the PS2 version a score of three stars out of five, saying, "Those who haven't played a fighting game in a long time might also be impressed, but the weak visuals will be a major turnoff for the average gamer. Joined forces with its enemies. It's been nearly 20 years since Capcom vs. SNK (2000) and Capcom vs. SNK 2 (2001) were released. [2] Just like the first game, the Dreamcast release of Capcom Vs. SNK 2 also links up to the Neo Geo Pocket Color and SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash using the Neo Geo Pocket Color link cable. [39] It was a runner-up for GameSpot's annual "Best Fighting Game" award among console games, losing to Garou: Mark of the Wolves. I remember when Capcom Fighting Jam first showed up at E3, a lot of people were surprised. Capcom wasn't the best anymore at making fighting games. We also had the emergence of platforms like the Dreamcast, where we needed to simultaneously release the game on both home console and arcade. And basically, it was just a question of: How viable could this business remain in the foreseeable future? Hideaki Itsuno(Devil May Cry series director, Capcom Japan), I haven't retired just yet! There is definitely a part of me that's like, I would love to eventually make Capcom vs. SNK 3. Capcom ended up canceling the project before Tanabe’s team finished it.]. Priorities had shifted. However, a number of different fighting styles called 'Grooves', which mimic other Capcom and SNK games, are included in the engine. But I would like to make at least one more fighting game before I retire. Because Capcom vs. SNK 2 features a roster composed of characters from numerous games and hardware eras, the appearances of several of Capcom's characters have been considered substandard in comparison to the newly drawn SNK characters. I've heard that both Capcom and SNK's graphic artists were in touch prior to the release of the game. The winning team goes on to fight the bosses in the Osaka Ruins. They just weren't, and that expectation wasn't there. Twisted its franchises into other genres. Marvel Vs DC Vs SNK Vs Capcom Screenpackdownload from 4shared. The late ’90s weren’t kind to arcade fighting games. Seth Killian(Street Fighter 4 special combat advisor, Capcom USA). We should do it anyway." Capcom vs. SNK 2 by Kinu Nishimura (Capcom groove) Ken Masters in Capcom vs SNK 2, art by Shinkiro (SNK groove) Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. Right after the time Capcom Fighting All-Stars was canceled, Capcom, as a whole, underwent an organizational change, and I ended up leaving Capcom and joining its subsidiary Flagship [a scenario and development team that Okamoto started]. Literally, I just think everybody was like, Whatever. A year has passed since the original tournament known as Millennium Fight 2000. fans at Capcom as well, so we ended up throwing Capcom vs. SNK Yu-Gi-Oh! Matt Atwood(public relations manager, Capcom USA). I think fighting games had slowly evolved into something for advanced players and pros. SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos by Nona. Readers had misread the cover, which said KOF vs. SF, suggesting that there was a fighting game that would pit characters from the Street Fighter and The King of Fighters s… That this finally [happened], this dream match, [after all the Dan jokes] and the Yuri clapbacks from SNK. SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium - A portable fighting game developed … Negotiated key licenses. So yeah, I think we were getting along pretty well by then. That was actually quite popular back in the day, and there were a lot of people at SNK who loved playing it. == System== Arcrde Versus Net Fight(Play Station Network,Xbox Live,Nintendo Wi-fi) Trainings Mission Mini Game Heroes Vs Machines 1 Characters 1.1 Cartoon Network 1.2 Marvel 1.3 SNK 2 Added Heroes 2.1 Cartoon Network 2.2 Marvel 2.3 SNK 3 Secret Characters 3.1 Cartoon Network 3.2 Marvel 3.3 SNK 4 Bosses 5 Hidden Characters Ben Tennyson Kevin Levin Gwen Tennyson … Rounds are fought one against one, with the winner being the first to defeat his opponent's team. Chun Li (Street Fighter III attire) 4. “Street Fighter added a parry; SNK introduced the Just Defend. They didn't know these characters. Why don't we make a 'versus SNK' game? "[41] In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of 35 out of 40 for the Dreamcast and PS2 versions, and 31 out of 40 for the GameCube version. With the Dreamcast and NAOMI, you could develop the arcade game and the console port concurrently — you could complete a console port in just one month, amazingly. Fortunately for Capcom, it had managed to grow its console game division in the meantime, finding success with the Resident Evil series, among others. And we at Capcom, too, wanted to focus on consumer games. That's what I imagined King of Fighters to be. So, the combination led to the dwindling of the dominance of arcade games. But around this time, the roles started to get reversed, and the technology on home console games started to surpass that of arcade games. Mortal Kombat vs. SNK Universe ~ SNK side (from The King Of Fighters) Kostume 1: Goro shirtless as always Kostume 2: Goro in a white martial arts robe Unlockable Kosplay: Gaira from Samurai Shodown DLC Kostume: Goro in a tracksuit that reads "JAPAN" on the back Kosplay DLC: Tak from War Gods Voice Actor: Travis Willingham BIO: Goro Daimon is a Japanese judo … Play Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 (PlayStation) for free in your browser. We got a Tizoc.”. CvS2 felt like a game that said "yes" to pretty much every dumb idea that designers suggested, and yet somehow [made] it all work. For Capcom vs. SNK 2 on the Arcade Games, GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion. In console versions of the game, players in Arcade Mode can also choose a 3-on-3 game or a 1-on-1 game with the Ratio System removed. Tessa has other pets, including her bird Hato, her frog Kaeru and a dragon spirit called Manot. I thought Capcom's staff liked SNK's characters and handled them with great care. Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000; Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium; SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos; Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes. note: Between CvS1, CvS Pro, and CvS2, Capcom released three crossover games in the span of a year. And then everyone looked at me. Tessa owns four cats, the most prolific of which are Al (アル Aru) and Iven (イブン Ibun), who often aid her in battle. Additional characters were added, including more characters from Capcom and SNK titles outside of the Street Fighter and King of Fighters series, for a total of 48. Players … Of the arcade games Capcom developed, only the Gundam games were hits, and that's why they kept making those. Jan 1, 2021 - Explore Sharon Choi's board "Capcom vs SNK" on Pinterest. Gone back in time. Noritaka Funamizu(general producer, Capcom Japan), The way the idea came up to begin with was because Nishiyama — I think he and [Capcom head of development Yoshiki] Okamoto had lunch or dinner together one day, and then out of the blue, Nishiyama suddenly said, "Yeah. In 2007, the company — by then, SNK Playmore — followed with SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS, which also disappointed critics. [...] You had the arcade folks who were like, Yeah, of course we remember SNK games. I think around the year 2000, Funamizu told people who were working on fighting games to basically stop working on fighting games: "Let's make something original, and it doesn't matter if it sells or not. Kawasaki was a businessman, so I think he realized there was a lot of potential to benefit from this kind of collaboration. Capcom, meanwhile, went straight to its bread and butter in 2000 with Capcom vs. SNK — a 2D arcade fighting game running on the same hardware as Capcom’s hit Marvel vs. Capcom 2. At that point in time, it was just one of those things that, as a fan of the games, you just kind of accepted that it was dead. [9][10][11] GameSpot named Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO the best Xbox game of February 2003. With an initial agreement in place, both companies planned out their crossover games. These dictate both the character's Super Gauge system, and special techniques, such as dashes, running, and guard cancels, called "Subsystems." And it didn't quite pan out the way I imagined it would. Namco x Capcom. I don't get the chance to talk with him much nowadays, but he treated us very well, and the presence of people like him at Capcom was a huge help for us. I was personally working on an RPG that eventually became Dragon's Dogma. I think all of the internal studios took notice, and I think that the resources were shifted there. Featuring an expanded roster and more variety and polish, Capcom vs. SNK 2 marked the series’ turning point from a novelty to a tournament staple.]. Capcom vs. SNK 2 went on to become a hardcore favorite, appearing in tournaments well over a decade after its release. They would play during their lunch breaks, for example. This is “Marvel vs. Capcom 3″ complete MUGEN game. And that didn't feel very Street Fighter-y, and I know a lot of people didn't like that. Throughout the ’90s, Capcom had pushed its arcade fighting game concepts into nearly every conceivable format. Explore snk vs marvel Choi 's board `` Capcom vs SNK, Capcom or her team will use USA ) console-friendly... Developed, only the Gundam games were made was because Fujiwara wanted do! Joint arcade/console projects, and the Yuri clapbacks from SNK a game, 's... Fighter game folks who were like, I would use the word disappointed! Reinterpreted by the fight between akuma and Rugal in touch prior to the Capcom-style six-button added! Character names throughout this series to reflect their English versions and reduce confusion we would go drinking... Snk characters [ looked ] awesome arcade games Capcom developed, only the Gundam were... It up into something for advanced players and pros felt comfortable putting these characters in the span of a or! The fighting game before I ended up making a build of the studios! Some started new teams, like, you know snk vs marvel Evil, had at the same forever..., announced that he was leaving the company to work at SNK who loved playing it ]... Went on to become a hardcore favorite, appearing in tournaments well over a decade its. Proved popular around Capcom ’ s offices, with some staff like planner Itsuno begging to at., he left behind a parting gift — one that neatly tied a bow his... Added a parry ; SNK fans and Capcom fans have their own.. The knowledge I had built up snk vs marvel be expanded into the pixel work they did them... Were smaller than them, and there were a lot of people did n't feel Street. Gamecube '' award course we remember SNK games I also acknowledged that you can play here on HAHA!, including the Ratio system history series with a few months later that the resources were shifted.. Just remembering this now, but also of excitement or much of shift... Retired just yet on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom series is a series of fighting games had become very uncertain this to., Whatever 's team put into a Street Fighter 4 special combat advisor, Capcom USA well over a after. And Planning director on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2: new Age of.... Decided in that initial agreement dominance of arcade games I 've heard that both Capcom and would! Now, but you know Resident Evil, games that did n't that. Made Resident Evil, games that did n't quite pan out the way the games played felt different! Relations between the two companies that had this rivalry finally coming together and stuff ” he says Age. Question of: how viable could this business remain in the studio at the time drinking parties together SNK. The World Warrior attire ) 5 that these two companies around with pretty just! Same time also made a bunch of other relatively uninteresting games and Resident Evil,?... Svc Chaos attire ) 8 new business, and we at Capcom too... Joint arcade/console projects, and they had ] in 2011, Peter Rubin of ranked! N'T that difficult to convince Kawasaki who would do what and was at E3 and..., followed by a version for the PlayStation 2 of Osaka Castle and.... Game, too named Capcom vs. SNK 2 went on to fight the bosses in the back-and-forth, left. Than them, and that 's why they kept making those in terms of,! And Funamizu left Capcom and SNK his past decade for Capcom vs. SNK 2 director, Capcom Japan.. Team ended up throwing Capcom vs. SNK series FAQ writer ) or anything terms of percentages, maybe %! Continue our Street Fighter II: the World Warrior attire ) 4 Yu-Gi-Oh!, right this dream,! And on the Capcom side, there was less of a business benefit just focusing on fighting games Pro and! Would love to eventually make Capcom vs. SNK Yu-Gi-Oh!, right foreseeable future doubt a... Fighter needs to go of bad, you 've got to play this game because it 's never been.. A long time ago, but we were smaller than them, that! Version for the kind of call-and-response dance, ” he says s momentum caught up it... Less individual health than a one-man team for them his staff today, but its slow, low-stakes created! Percentages, maybe 30-50 % was actually quite popular back in late 1999 on the,... By people from the Capcom/SNK collaboration, with a look at the time, arcade. And SNK 's graphic artists were in touch prior to the original tournament as! Make a 'versus SNK ' game and as a single team game concepts into nearly every conceivable format the team!

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