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doesnt work like that, if you have enough shards already, then you get half the amount needed (in this case 40) instead of the actual character. I struggled when i started, now that im almost 73, i like sharing all i can with you guys. Includes Galactic War and non-Journey Guide Events. : This is the difference between player's Galactic Power and the maximum, per GP stat. I've been playing about a week and this is super useful! Working on some new composition ? We started SWGOH.GG as a way to quickly find data about new Characters, Ships and Events in the game, but quickly learned that connecting players with their guilds, other players and the community was the true meaning to our work. So these selectors allow you to immediately star up a character you have in great ways. I am level 85 and have 3 star Rose and Holdo with 0/30 shards towards 4 starring them both. EDIT: Added Required XP for Leveling your Character(s) EDIT2: Added Ability requirements for each level. There is no extra value from saving it up and waiting. It really was a pleasure bud. Deploy straight to Heroku(24/7 free if a credit card registered) Configuration Set environment variables: Accelerated Characters will now reach 7 Stars twice as quickly for all players. SWGoHBot is a bot for your discord server that brings many features such as mod lookup, guild-wide character searching, personal character stats, arena tracking, and much more that will help to simplify the SWGoH experience for you and your guild. Once unlocked, you can battle through a full set of different fights, waging war on all sorts of different squads until you either reach the end of the table and win, or lose all of your characters. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This means you get 10-character shards or more per day from the Squad Arena shop, which has a lot of characters you will absolutely need mid-late game. Thanks! Totals for each level assume a 22% drop rate on gear and that you spend all of your energy each day on farming that gear. Shard Shop purchasing is unchanged, all the numbers are just doubled. Hi, im glad i could help, if you check the post again, i added the training droid info you asked for, along with the cost for the amount of XP required. If you complete all of the daily challenges and finish Galactic War, you will get at least 165 free crystals every day. I keep having to recalculate in my head. Is there a way to see how many shards of a toon you currently have if you haven't activated them yet? I recommend entering your progress daily to see if you should alter how you're farming. There's no definitive rule, switch between shards and gears based on your arena squad. It is usually best to kill the weaker characters first so they will have fewer attacks per turn. SWGoH Shard Drop Calculator. We will explore increasing this rate in a future update. If you pull a ship with multiple crew, you will receive shards of ONE of the ship's crew. Original Rate characters have their conversion doubled (1 Shard > 30 SSC). Rank 10-20 in the Arena, to get 12 shards average daily + 200-250 crystals iii. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes released an update in July 2016 introducing Mods – modifications which can customize each character in the game. In every other marquee event I could purchase the packs with money, which I have, and get them to the next star level but this one I cannot. Store Shipments provide twice as many Shards for the same amount of currency (ex: 10 for the price of 5 previously). This calculator is an estimate on how many shards you need to farm per day and how many shipments you should purchase. Training Droid (5 Star) gives 3000 XP. Either refresh your energy for specific shards, or save for gears and mods. Its 7.1 credits per xp. Or you can spend exactly $180, buy those shards from shipments when they pop up, and after a little time 7 star Leia is yours. ... Special Toons in Shipments - Right now you can get shards of Shoretrooper in the Shipments store. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Helpful to have it all in one place. Find all the Characters from Galactic War, Squad Cantina Battle, Squad Arena, and Shard Shop! Struggling to maintain a good rank ? Shard Shop – The new store added in the most recent update, it allows you to exchange extra shards for characters who are already maxed out at 7-stars for currency to buy new character shards. All required gear has been broken down into its farmable components and the cheapest location has been listed. Here are the Shards you need: 10 for 1* 15 for 2* 25 for 3* 30 for 4* 65 for 5* 85 for 6* 100 for 7* Total of: 330. You only get two chances a month to get your Finalizer shards, so lets go get them because todays your day. That's the Coruscant PSA Police Academy, btw. Energy Per Day: {{ energyPerDay }} Refresh Per Day: {{ refreshCount }} Crystals Per Day: All Shard Shop Store items will cost twice as much to match this doubled income. Cheers Sith Empire Trooper Unintended Reward for Current First Order GC, The Armorer's Beskar Armor Buff persists through Encounters, Apparently this been flagged as a bug since july 2020 and still not looked at wonder when those 1.2b dollars will get cg a second laptop to work on. Training Droid (2 Star) gives 150 XP. If you start hitting gearing walls (such as raid gear beginning at gear level 8), then start gearing other teams, but save as much of your credits as possible for leveling and gearing your main team. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes contains a huge variety of characters in its roster, and these are the best to utilize from the Light side. The exchange rate is 10:1, so it takes 10 extra shards to get 1 shard of a different character. The appeal around SWGoH has to do with the details. (ex: Assault Battles). This isn’t a quick level up, shoot em’ up kind of game. Combat nodes drop 2 Shards instead of 1. You will need to spend a lot of energy on finding the required parts you need to upgrade them, ability materials (green, blue, purple and golden) and a lot of Credits. In the future, a Character or Ship moving from Original to Accelerated group will have its exchange rate adjusted accordingly. Enjoy! Training Droid (6 Star) gives 6000 XP Re: SWGOH Marquee event shard discrepancy Absolutely awesome beginner's guide to wrap their head around what they need. The use of Mods takes a lot of testing and many have their own theories on what works and what does not, but thanks to endless hours of research and testing, our staff has compiled the best info on Star Wars GOH mods available online. Training Droid (1 Star) gives 30 XP. Check out Seltene Padawane Roster and accomplishments on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. How to Beat the Finalizer Event Bonus Tier | Get Your Shards | SWGOH: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes's prime currency are crystals. Level 4 Ability: 3 Purple, 4 Blue, 4 Green, Level 5 Ability: 4 Purple, 5 Blue, 5 Green, Level 6 Ability: 6 Purple, 9 blue, 10 green, Level 7 Ability: 9 Purple Materials, 13 Blue, 16 Green. 10 Best Light Side Characters In Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes. Characters unlock at different amounts of shards and each Star requires a different amount to upgrade to the next star with all characters requiring a total of 330 shards to reach 7 stars. Character Shards are the resource required to unlock and increase (promote) the rarity (Stars) of a Character. As we approach the 5-year anniversary of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, some changes are incoming to help newer players "catch up" a bit faster. The character cards pulled are always one of the crew of the ships pulled, and the crew shard amount always matches the ship blueprint amount. We are SWGOH.GG - a comprehensive site and data source for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game by Capital Games and Electronic Arts. If you have 131/130, in 24 hours, it will go down to 130/130. This also includes all Ships blueprints. When these changes are released, we will double all players’ Shard Shop Currency. I think someone has it posted over at swgohcantina, on the cost of each droid and xp. This increases to 4 during Double Drops. Does not include Bronzium Data Cards due to a technical issue. DISCLAIMER: Each character is different and only some have similar upgrade requirements, listed below is from various characters: Darth Sidius, Kylo Ren, and others. Marketplace to Buy and Sell Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Accounts. Here is part of what EA Capital Games released… Character Shards - SWGoH Help Wiki. Clearing achievements in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes only earns you shards toward one character, but it’s an awesome one: Darth Vader. Thanks OP ;). Published on 2020-03-18 17:32:28. Galaxy of Heroes: Galactic War Game Mode. As these changes approach, note that Shards remain worth the same “buying power” (relative to store price) no matter when you cash them in. Welcome to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki, a resource site created and maintained by the community for the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by EA and Capital Games.Anyone can contribute!For any assistance with the wiki or questions about contributing please join the Wiki Discord.You can find more discussions about the game on Reddit or the Official Forum. Energy resets to its MAX amount every 24 hours if its above lets say, 130/130. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you do all of this and finish first in Squad Arena, you'll take home 615 free crystals. Go for the gear. Original Rate characters are made up of New and Exclusive characters. Double-dip on the Cantina: - Unlock and up-star important cantina creatures: Qui Gon, Geonosian Soldier, and recently Jawa (for … If you choose to run droids, farm Poggle from GW shipments until 4 stars OR farm IG-86 first followed by Poggle. If you focus on the hard battles, this will give you a chance to give you shards. For example, Daka (originally activates at 4*) would net you 32 shards, while RG would only be 7 shards (originally activates at 1*). Question: What happens to the shards I already have, if I pull a character from Bronzium? (eg The Mandalorian will move to Accelerated in April/May 2021). Accelerated-Farm Characters keep their conversion the same (1 Shard > 15 SSC). I see the CPP academy has trained you well. Dylarr's Twi'Lek Tactics. Now MFF requires quite a few more shards for 7* than SWGoH, but getting the shards is a lot more manageable especially with some cash thrown in that makes it a much more rewarding experience. Generally, this set includes those characters exclusive to Raids, Journey Guide, Territory Battles, and certain high-value currencies. would have helped me when I first started! SWGoH Panic Farm Calculator BETA. also, when you get a shard for her you can tapp on that and it will tell you how many shards you have... the only problem comes when you have more shards than is required to activate or star her, than you can't see how many more shards you need to upgrade her to the next star level (I don't know if I was specific or not) but this is what this post is for. 11664 views. For example, say I have 80 shards for Daka, but haven't activated her. Local copy of SWGOH.LIFE farming tool with additional data added for newer characters and gear components - tdm00/swgoh-life-shard-gear-farming-calculator The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If I pulled her, would I still have those 80 shards? For example, if you pull 10 Scimitar blueprints, you will also pull 10 shards of Darth Maul, the pilot of Scimitar. You get them for several different tasks, and you'll need them to really move up in the game. SWGoHBot is active on over 7,500 servers, we welcome you to try it out and hope you enjoy! In that example, yes, you would have her activated at 4 stars and have 80 shards applied to her, so you'd be able to level her up to 5 stars (65 shards) and have 15 shards applied to her for level 6. tap on her and you will see the number of shards on the lower right says activate and the credits requirement. 1-3star are all 5x the one before, 4-7 star are 2x prior. Training Droid (3 Star) gives 750 XP. Thank you so much! Well at least this wasn't labeled as a PSA. About : You only get two chances a month to get your Finalizer shards, so lets go get them because todays your day. nearly every achievement in … More Tools > Crystal Farming. Galactic War is unlocked by reaching a certain player level within the game. SWGOH Crystals Make Life Easier. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Is this something everyone wants to do, probably not. These changes clearly open the door to conversations about other economies, including Gear. You can use this if you like, I made it after the last level cap increase. So if you activate her, it will still be the same. Any idea on where to find details of the XP values of the Training Droids in correlation to the amount of stars they have, and the cost to add each one? (I don't think there is a character with six yet?). Simple SWGOH Arena Tracker. I am farming Barriss but I don't want to activate her in case I get her from a bronzium pack. Also...I know this might be asking too much, but any place where to find the details pertaining to the mat requirements for upgrading abilities to each level and for all five layers of "Attacks & Abilities" sections. The Dark Side is a path to many posibilities... No but seriously, thanks for the feedback! No, unfortunately, I think you'd have to unlock them at their initial star level and promote them each level independently, no, you just promote him once his activated. Training Droids. New Marquee characters will launch as Original Rate characters, and move to the Accelerated list approximately 1 year after their release. Farming all required Shards to get a character from 1 Star to 7 and then activating them, isnt a good idea. you will still need the same amount of shards (330). FREE Galactic Legend Shards Inbound with 5th Anniversary Rewards??! this comes from: If you've already got her activated, however, they convert it to a lesser number of shards that's based on the original number of shards it took to activate that character. Select the stage of the character you wish to farm, then select the options corresponding to your status : star level / shards you already own The results you'll obtain are based on a 33% drop rate , assuming all your Cantina energy is invested in farming a character until reaching maximum shards. I would personally recommend buying furnaces from shipments before anything else until your top 5-10 characters that need them are geared up and ready to rock. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was released back in the fall of 2015, and the game is stronger now than it has ever been before. This gives you 15 shards + 700k credits per day (and other goodies) ii. Just want to point out, 3 star droid is actually 750xp. Training Droid (4 Star) gives 1500 XP. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. Just choose File-->Make a copy and enter your own info, if you permit an addition that I think is useful: Cost of Promoting a Hero When promoting characters, plan on saving credits a bit beforehand. Such simple information that was no where to be found. 30 XP will cost you 213 Credits to train. Game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes; 2015; Category Gaming; Song You; Artist The Strange Fruit Project; Album The Healing; Licensed to YouTube by Farm Geonesian Solder to 7 stars in Squad Cantina battles. DiscordChannel--my capacity is quite limited, yet you can help each other on this channel. 1 Star = 10 Shards 2 Star = 15 Shards 3 Star = 25 Shards 4 Star = 30 Shards 5 Star = 65 Shards 6 Star = 85 Shards 7 Star = 100 Shards When your looking to unlock a certain character say Boba Fett who takes 80 Shards to unlock he will be a 4 Star (10 + 15 + 25 + 30) To get a character to 7 Stars you are going to need 330 Shards Don't buy chromiums, nor exclusive offers for shards or gear packs. What is SWGOH.GG? ... Only players who have used SWGOH.GG's Collection Sync will show up on ... What is this!? Accelerated characters are typically those found on Nodes and in various Stores. While this is limited to character shards of non-premium characters to start, it is certainly a step in the right direction. There may be more efficient ways to get these characters depending on any packs/events going on in game. For ships, this doubles such that 1 Shard > 38 SSC. Droids are competitive until endgame, able to sustain top 20 in many shards and able to reach top 5 in shards that have only reached level 70 within the past month. SWGOH Accounts for Sale.

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